Embrace the design process

Designing a kitchen

Embrace the design process

Designing a kitchen

Our customers come to us at different stages in their planning for a new kitchen. Some come right at the beginning of the process and are open to all ideas in designing a kitchen. Some customers come with a very clear idea of the look they want to achieve. Either approach is fine by us because we can help finesse your vision, or really take you through all the possibilities to find your dream kitchen style. A big part of why working with an independent designer like us is a different experience than a high street chain, is our design process. 

Good design takes time

Our designer, Rachael Workman has been designing kitchens for over 20 years. It is this insight and experience which enables her to really assess a space and its potential.  We think it is fundamental when designing a kitchen, that the design is both practical and reflects your unique sense of style. To meet this balance of needs, a design needs careful consideration. What does this mean for you? It means we spend time with you in your home, time with you in the showroom and then more time on our own, pouring over products and samples.

We’ll then meet with you again to look at every element of the design together. During this discussion, we’ll also review material and finish options. Then, with your feedback and the new ideas generated from the discussion, we’ll tweak the design and come back to you with the revised drawings.

This time and process is essential in delivering your dream kitchen design. Customers have often mentally ruled out styles and elements as impossible in their homes. We love surprising customers with what can be achieved in their space.

Elegant solutions

Not all homes and families have the same needs, by choosing a bespoke kitchen design, you will be able to really personalise the space. Maybe you need to accommodate a curve in your wall, different levels to your floor, access for a pram or wheelchair? Or worktops or appliances set at non-standard heights? We can incorporate these needs seamlessly into our design.

Having specific needs do not need to be limiting factors when designing a kitchen. We will spend time with you to ensure that each factor is addressed and incorporated into the design elegantly.

Product range

One of the things we love about being independent, is that we are not held to a set product range or manufacturer. This gives us great flexibility and creativity in our design, and benefits our customers. If you have your eye on a specific brand, no problem. Or, if you love a design but need to scale back on appliances, no problem. We work with a diverse range of brands and can swap products in and out, to get the spec just right for you and your budget.

Be inspired

It is great to gather inspiration wherever you can. Whether its in showrooms, online or even at your friends’ houses! 

This will really develop your ideas, preferences and hone in on the style you want to achieve. However, a note of caution – many concepts shared online are staged in spacious studios, showrooms and show homes with the optimum setting, dressing and lighting. This means that some of these concepts might not necessarily translate well to your home.

So come armed with your inspiration, we really want to know what caught your imagination. We’ll then guide you on which elements will look fabulous in your space, and those which might not do your space justice. We’ll also be able to suggest products and elements that perhaps you hadn’t considered but will really tie the whole design together. Resulting in a practical and beautiful kitchen.

Our approach

We want you to enjoy this design journey with us. A new bespoke kitchen is an important investment for your home and your home life. We will make sure you have the time and resources to make informed and considered choices throughout the design process. We’ll spend time with you in the showroom and in your home to ensure we understand your needs and style before we present a design.  

When you choose to go bespoke, there are lots of choices and options but it doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. We’ll guide you at every stage. Whether you want something neutral and classic, or a big bold statement, we have the right materials and suppliers to bring it to life in your home. Enjoy the journey! 

Ready to embrace the design process? We can’t wait to start designing a kitchen with you. Pop into our showroom, give us a call on 01342 313133 or say hello at info@kitchensbespoke.co.uk. Looking for some inspiration to get you started? Check out our Recent Projects.  


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