Rachael Workman - Kitchens Bespoke
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Rachael Workman

Co-Founder, Senior Designer

Rachael Workman

Entrepreneur, designer, mother, wife, art enthusiast, horse rider, dog walker and endless to- do list maker. There is never a dull moment in the Workman household. I am aspiring to be the person who has a leisurely mug of coffee over a Sunday paper one weekend but it hasn’t happened yet!

If like me, you too are a master juggler of responsibilities and hobbies, I think we both share a real appreciation of our homelife and cherish the peace or sometimes even the chaos that comes with it. For me, the kitchen really is the heart of the home and one of the reasons why I have dedicated two decades to the designing and creation of contemporary bespoke kitchens. Kitchens that look beautiful, stand the test of time but reflect the practical needs of the individuals using them.

Kitchens are the backdrop to the everyday moments and the momentous ones. I have scratched my head over homework questions, toasted celebrations, welcomed friends over for dinner, rejoiced in exam results, argued over bedtimes, raced to meet a work deadline, savoured a glass of red with my husband after a long day, and of course endeavoured to create Christmas Day dinners to remember, all from my kitchen.

Having studied art and design since school and specialising in interiors and kitchen design ever since, I am passionate about designing spaces that fit real people’s lifestyles and needs. I love creating beautiful, high quality kitchens, tailor-made to the families and individuals living in them. A kitchen can be both a design statement and a practical space without being a daunting prospect and I’d love to help you realise your ambitions for a dream kitchen.

Tell me about your vision for a new kitchen at Rachael@kitchensbespoke.co.uk and I’d be delighted to meet you for a free design consultation.