Three tips to start planning a new kitchen

Kitchens Bespoke Tips to plan a new kitchen

Three tips to start planning a new kitchen

It’s a great time to plan a new kitchen. To get the most out of your planning process, we have three simple tips to get you started.

Make a wish list

Take time to think about what does and doesn’t work in your current kitchen. Are there any gadgets or appliances you would just love to have? Or are there any awkward spaces you don’t know what to do with, but want to make better use of?

Research colour schemes, concepts and materials online to help you identify the styles you’re most drawn to. It also really helpful to view recent projects to see a variety of kitchens in real homes, and not just concepts online. You’ll see different sizes of kitchens and property styles that can help you imagine similar concepts in your own home. It might even inspire you to consider a colour or style you hadn’t thought possible in your home.

Planning a new kitchen - Kitchens Bespoke

Book a free design consultation

Armed with your research, book a free design consultation. Run your designer through your wish list of colours, appliances and preferred styles. Discuss the challenges you have with the current set up and your budget for the project.

If your budget and your wishlist are not aligned, don’t worry, there are always options and solutions!

Most importantly, remember that there is no such thing as a stupid question. Ask lots of questions, and follow up after the appointment if you’re still unclear on anything.

Trust the process

It is easy to fall in love with kitchen design concepts you’ve found online and then want to recreate them in your home. Keep your wish list to hand but trust the design process to explore whether the elements fit together in your space. Your designer will have lots of elegant design solutions and suggestions for you to consider on top of your wishlist. You might just end up with something even better than you imagined!

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