The Kitchen Triangle Explained

kitchen triangle explained

The Kitchen Triangle Explained

The Kitchen Triangle 

This term has been around since the early 20th century and became pretty fundamental to kitchen design from there. If you’ve not heard it before, the kitchen triangle refers to a really very simple and practical design concept. The idea being that the three most used points in the kitchen, form a triangle. This layout was considered to be most efficient for meal preparation and cooking.

The three points referred to are; the cooker, sink and fridge. Making sure these are in close proximity to each other was, and often is still thought to be a good basis for getting the aesthetic and practicality of your kitchen right.

Is it still relevant?

Yes, to a point. Any simple design concept that has been around this long has common sense at its heart. This concept is still a great place to start, especially if you have a standard sized kitchen and not lots of appliances. Those three points are still key elements in every kitchen.

However, this is a design concept from a different era and sometimes difficult to achieve in more contemporary settings. Modern kitchens have more appliances and often need to accommodate more than one person prepping and cooking. In addition, many are now open plan which wasn’t the case when the concept was first adopted.

With kitchens being much more sociable spaces now and often seen as a more multi-purpose room, a traditional design concept may be impractical for your kitchen.

Bespoke kitchen design 

If we go back to the original thinking behind the concept, it was about making a kitchen really practical in its layout. What works as a practical layout for you, may be nonsensical to your neighbour. That is the joy of planning and designing your own kitchen. You make the rules!

What do you need closest to hand when you’re in the kitchen? Your kitchen needs to be mapped out in a way that makes it the most efficient and hardworking room in the home, without compromise on style.  Size and shape of your kitchen can dictate certain layouts but you will be able to get the flow that works for you when you give some thought to what you want in easy reach of each other.

Whatever your space, and whatever elements are most important in your kitchen, the triangle is always a sensible place to start, just don’t feel restricted by it. There are elegant design solutions to every practical requirement.

If we’ve piqued your curiosity on what could be achieved in your home, book a free design consultation at your house, in our showroom or by video call. Email us at info@kitchensbespoke.co.uk or by calling 01342 313133. Browse our Projects page for further kitchen design inspiration. 

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