Introducing Second Nature’s new Outline collection

Outline Fitzroy Edge_Hartforth Blue and Washed Oak

Introducing Second Nature’s new Outline collection

Outline is a brand-new bespoke integrated handle collection from Second Nature. The collection features four unique options of integrated handle, available on an array of door styles. The collection has been designed to work with both classic and contemporary designs. The collection really enables customers to add even more character and individuality to their kitchens. 


Outline Porter-Portal

This is a circular, portal shaped inset handle. The Portal design is Scandinavian inspired and works particularly well with modern kitchens, whilst managing to feel quite retro at the same time. We love the Portal on the Porter kitchen from Second Nature pictured above. 


outline Kitchen_Hunton edge


The Edge is sculpted into the perimeter of the door and features lovely curved corners. This is a really elegant integrated handle which works with modern and classic kitchen styles. We do really love it on a classic shaker design.  


Outline Kitchen_Porter-Channel

This is a contemporary look for customers who were perhaps thinking of pull or bar handles but looking for something a bit different. The Channel creates a very sophisticated look and works beautifully in modern kitchen styles. 

Extended Channel

Outline Porter extended channel

The Extended Channel will give your kitchen a fabulous geometric and ultra modern vibe. This is for contemporary kitchen styles and we think would look just stunning when paired with black cabinets, as pictured here. 


Bright Copper backplate

To customise your kitchen further you can also choose from a variety of backplate options. Choose from timber, metallic, carbon and painted backplates to tailor your kitchen colour scheme exactly as you wish. You can even mix and match your backplates to have fun with your design. The walnut and carbon are the current favourites here but we keep changing our minds!

The really great news is that we are official dealers for Second Nature kitchens. Book a design consultation and we’ll go through all the options with you. Get in touch at info@kitchensbespoke.co.uk or call us on 01342 313 133.

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