I’m never doing Christmas in that kitchen again!

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I’m never doing Christmas in that kitchen again!

If you were tearing your hair out this Christmas and New Year because, you were struggling with your quirky kitchen lay out, too little storage, too many people snacking on food that you’d set aside for the big day (why do they do that!) a total lack of work space, and were generally rueing the day you agreed to host everyone – step this way.

Day to day, we overlook the compromises we make around the quirks and inconveniences of our homes. You get used to the ‘knack’ of using the oven, running between the kitchen and garage for more freezer space and giving up the battle with clutter on your worktops. Then Christmas comes, and all those quirks and irritants become painfully obvious. You feel like you end up in the supermarket every day, even if you were just looking for some nutmeg, you inevitably come out with another car load of Christmas essentials. There was a great offer on Prosecco, so what can you do? But it all needs to go somewhere when you get home, and the to-do list of prep is endless.

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to create a Hollywood version of Christmas and the meal has a huge role to play. We know that rarely is Christmas perfect, a seamless, stress-free event, but what you really need is your kitchen to be working with you and not against you!

It is time to get a new kitchen and make next Christmas smooth sailing.  Well at least in the storing, prepping and cooking department, you will still go to the supermarket every day and buy more pigs-in-blankets, we can’t help you there. So it’s time to make a list…

What really doesn’t work for you in your current kitchen?

Is it simply about having something more modern and refreshed or is it actually on a much more practical level? Does the layout drive you mad, do you have enough storage? Do you wish you had better lighting? Do you need easier access for a pram or wheelchair?

This list of the things that drive you mad are going to be the pillars of the new kitchen design. Each one can be addressed in the design with an elegant solution.

I’d love a … boot room!

Make a list of all the things you’d love to have in your new kitchen. Maybe a wine fridge, a double oven, a pantry, a separate utility area? When you have this wishlist, decide what your priorities are. This will make it simple to make decisions on the details and aesthetics in the final design.

We can’t promise the Hollywood version of Christmas with zero stress, children playing harmoniously and the meal coming together seamlessly. However, we can give you a fantastic kitchen to host it all and set you up in the best way.

Book a free in-home design consultation and let’s get cracking on creating your new bespoke kitchen. Book online, by calling or drop us an email at info@kitchensbespoke.co.uk

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