How to measure up for a new kitchen

How to measure up for a new kitchen

How to measure up for a new kitchen

Whilst we’ll always come to you and measure up for your new kitchen, often clients like to start their wish lists and planning from a few sketches at home. Doing your own simple sketches can give you a much better feel for your space, especially if you’re connecting a few rooms together or creating a completely new room. It’s a really useful exercise to help structure your ideas and priorities. Measuring and drawing at home is particularly helpful if you’re self-isolating, but still want to get your new kitchen project underway. Follow our step by step guide in how to measure up for a new kitchen.

  1. Getting started

You’ll need a tape measure, paper (graph paper is ideal if you have it) and a pencil. Always start in pencil and if you have a willing family member or friend on hand, it makes the process even simpler.

  1. Draw the outline

Draw an outline shape of the room as if viewed from above. If it’s going to be knocked through into another room or extended, draw the whole outer shape of the proposed space. Is it a rectangle? L- shaped? Whatever the space, draw up a large outline of the room, taking into account any protrusions.

  1. Add the details

Now add your windows and doors, you can also note at this stage any doorways you want to add or remove. Mark up additional details such as chimney breasts, boilers, soil pipes and consumer units if they are already in, or are going to be in the new space.

If you already know where you want specific zones or features, for example, a utility room or a breakfast bar, note these areas on the diagram too.

  1. Measuring up

Using a tape measure & a helpful friend or family member, measure the width and length of the room, plus the length of each wall, taking into account the structural details you’ve noted above. If you have anything non-standard, such as low ceilings, or a very low windowsill in a place you were hoping to have kitchen units, pop these height measurements on your drawing too.

  1. Start planning

Make a few copies of your drawing and then you can note up different options and see them next to each other. Now you can see the space you’re working with, it will really fire up your ideas! Visit our Projects page too for inspiration on new kitchens in a variety of styles, colours and homes.

Ready to chat through your wishlist and ideas? Book an appointment and either email over or bring your sketches with you. We can look at the space together, talk through your dimensions and help you plan the most fantastic new kitchen. But don’t worry if your drawing isn’t 100% accurate, we will definitely do our own measuring too! Call 01342 313 133 or email info@kitchensbespoke.co.uk to book your free design consultation.

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