Big Kitchen Design

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Big Kitchen Design

If you’re extending your home or lucky enough to have a really spacious area for your kitchen, it can feel overwhelming on how to make it still feel homely. It’s a great problem to have and one we can help you navigate! A large space is great because it enables you to see all your wishlist items incorporated. However, there are a few points to consider before getting started.

Big Kitchen Design Tips


Think about creating zones in the space and ensuring there is a central point to the kitchen that naturally encourages people to spend time there. A big kitchen island with breakfast bar and high stools is ideal. It gives you a food preparation area that centres you in the space and encourages family and friends into that space with you.

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Ensure there is a flow between the zones and a logic to what goes where. You don’t want the only spot for your big fridge freezer to be at opposite sides of the space to where you’re preparing food. A big kitchen still must be practical to work in.

In addition to the more casual set up of the breakfast bar area, try to create distinct areas for dining and for soft seating. This gives definition to a large space, allows you to feature large pieces of stylish furniture, whilst still giving everything room to ‘breathe’. A soft seating area is a really nice touch if the space allows it. The kitchen becomes a complete multi-zone space for everyone to work, dine and relax in.


Finding space for your storage isn’t going to be a problem, but you want to avoid just lining the walls with cupboards. With big kitchen design, in addition to runs of ceiling height storage, use the zones you’ve created to be clever with storage too.

Solutions such as concealed storage under window and bench seats, and bespoke items such as appliance garages, dressers and pantry units, will ensure you have dedicated storage in every zone.

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With a large room, you can be bold with your colour scheme in a way you perhaps wouldn’t have courage for in a smaller space. Contrasting colour schemes will work really well in a large kitchen, go for drama on the island with a deep blue, green or even heathery purple. We like a light worktop to help bounce light around a kitchen, but if you have dreams of a luxurious black marble, a big kitchen is the perfect backdrop for it!

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If you really want to maximise the generous proportions of your room, a minimalist and white gloss scheme will create the most fabulous design statement. Think of using Corian for your worktops to get that really seamless finish to complete the look.


Often overlooked but if you’ve given all this thought to creating multiple zones for different purposes, you won’t want plain task lighting throughout. You might want statement lights over an island or dining table, floor standing lamps around the soft seating, ambient lighting options in the kitchen, or even dimmers on the task lights.

Think about the lighting early as this will have an impact on the atmosphere you can create in a big kitchen design.

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The American style fridge freezer is bound to be high on your wishlist and big kitchens are just the place for them so go bold. Why not get a full height wine cooler too?

We really recommend a run of waist height ovens when you have room to incorporate them without compromising on counter space. Handling hot and heavy pans without having to bend and stretch all the time is a real backsaver. If you really love the idea of an Aga though, we’d recommend incorporating this plus an electric oven, enabling you to turn the Aga off in the summer months.

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Stow away small appliances in an appliance garage, then items such as toasters, kettles and mixers are only out when they’re being used. This reduces the clutter on your worktops and regardless of the size of your kitchen, this is always a blessing.


However open plan you envisage your new kitchen and dining space, having an area you can shut the door on is a godsend. Where space allows, put your washing machine and tumbler and a second sink in a separate utility space. Shutting the door on chores and the clutter that haunts us all, is a tonic when you just want to browse the options in your new wine cooler and take a seat at the table in peace!

Whether you’re embarking on a new extension, buying a new larger home or changing the layout of your kitchen into something more open plan, book a free consultation with us for your big kitchen design. We can come to your home and together look at the potential in the space and what can be achieved to meet your budget and lifestyle. Book now at info@kitchensbespoke.co.uk or call us on 01342 313133. Do browse our Projects page and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more inspiration and advice.

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