For The Love of Colour: Our Top Tips for Kitchen Colour Schemes

kitchen colour schemes

For The Love of Colour: Our Top Tips for Kitchen Colour Schemes

Choosing the right colour scheme for a kitchen can feel a little overwhelming. Especially if you don’t have a clear idea of the colours you want to incorporate. Colour really impacts how you perceive a space and this has to be a scheme you love for a long time. So we’ve pulled together our top tips for kitchen colour schemes to help you get started.

Natural light

The first stage in choosing a colour scheme is to look at the room you are renovating (or building). Is it a naturally light space or not? 

Rooms with natural light give you more flexibility with colour but dark rooms can be transformed into much lighter feeling spaces with the right use of colour. Alternately, you can embrace the mood created by a dark room and go for a dramatic dark colour scheme. With this approach, the lighting and design details such as your handles are key to making the scheme work stylishly.

Base colours

Do you already have colours in mind for your kitchen units? If not, and you’re not naturally brave with colour. Brief your kitchen designer to start off with a light and neutral colour. When you see the room take shape and all the elements in this base colour, you’ll get an instant feel as to whether you like a neutral scheme or where you might want to introduce some contrasting colours, maybe on the wall units, or on an island. Your designer will be able to then show you how each of these elements in contrasting tones or materials can elevate the whole scheme.

A really timeless colour scheme of course is grey, and for good reason. A simple colour scheme we really love is to use a dark grey on the base units and a light grey on the wall units, it really takes the overall style up a gear!


Knowing which surfaces in your kitchen are most impacted by colour choices is really helpful when browsing for inspiration. One area which needs real consideration is the worktop colour and material. The tone used here will really impact how you perceive the space. In fact, we would only recommend using dark worktops in an airy kitchen with plenty of natural light. Dark worktops can really dominate a space and make a kitchen feel much less light and spacious than it is.

Light worktops however, especially on top of dark units look fabulous. The dark colour on your units will create some drama and the light worktops will prevent that drama becoming too overbearing. 


You might assume that a dark colour scheme would be more family friendly. Not the case! Actually lighter surfaces are much more forgiving with fingerprints and smudges. We’d really recommend avoiding black based kitchen colour schemes and high gloss if you have pets and small children. The endless fingerprint marks will drive you mad! 

Colour cautious

If you’re not feeling brave about a vibrant colour scheme but also don’t want to go completely neutral and devoid of colour. You still have plenty of options. Why not introduce colour to things that are changed easily? For example, glass splashbacks, patterned tiles, kitchen blinds, feature walls and your countertop and decorative items are all things that can be sourced in an endless array of colours. They are all much cheaper to replace than a new kitchen too!

For the love of colour

If you are ready for a real injection of colour in your kitchen, we are seeing a real rise in popularity for dark inky greens and heathery purples. One of the kitchen islands in the showroom is in heather and it really looks lovely with the pale quartz worktop. 

For the inky atmospheric greens, we love Farrow & Ball’s Calke or Studio. This tone of green looks absolutely stunning with a veined quartz worktop and brass or copper handles on the units. 

Ready to narrow down your decision? Great! Book an appointment and we’ll discuss all the options and share a few more of our top tips for kitchen colour schemes with you. The showroom is now open by appointment or we can offer free in-home design consultations with social distance and hygiene measures in place. To book, email info@kitchensbespoke.co.uk and don’t forget to check our Projects page for some inspiration.

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