Three tips to get your home improvement underway

home improvement tips

Three tips to get your home improvement underway

Deciding you need some work done to the house can be a daunting prospect.

How do you budget or plan for a renovation or an extension, especially when you’re keen to get a new kitchen incorporated? Our home improvement tips are actually very simple:

Three home improvement tips

  1. Make a wish list
  2. Talk to the right professionals in the right order
  3. Understand the time frame involved

Make your wish list

Sit down with a glass of wine or a cup of tea (most of our advice starts this way) and really think about what your new/revived space needs to provide that it isn’t doing for you right now. Do you need somewhere to leave muddy wellies? Access for a pushchair or wheelchair? Do you need more storage? More space to work from home, or more worktop area?

When you have that list of all the things your current space doesn’t offer you, it is time to talk to someone about your new kitchen. Get your Pinterest board for design inspiration underway and an appointment with a specialist booked in. We recommend doing this before speaking to your builder or architect.

Book appointments

By talking to your specialists first, your kitchen wishlist can be incorporated as the new space is planned. This ensures you don’t end up compromising on those details later down the line. It is the details that transform how we use and live in our homes so they need to be considered from the beginning. Some customers have come to us right at the end of their renovation project to discover that they hadn’t allocated the right budget, space or timeline to facilitate the kitchen they’d been dreaming of.

When we work with a customer from the outset of their project, we offer a free in-home design consultation to really understand what they’re trying to achieve in the new kitchen and space.

We’ll design the new kitchen space with all your needs incorporated and styled beautifully into a contemporary bespoke kitchen. We utilise our experience and creativity to offer innovative yet practical solutions, to ensure that every aspect of the new kitchen has been planned properly.

In addition to planning the space most effectively, this approach also enables you to manage your budget more effectively. If you already know what you need to allocate for your kitchen, this clarifies your budget discussions with the architect and builders.

How long will it take?

Take the time to really understand the overall time frame involved with a renovation. What time frame are your builders and architect working to? Has that taken into account a realistic period for any slippage? With our bespoke kitchens, the lead time can be 8-10 weeks from contract to delivery and we allow 2-3 weeks for installation. If this is all scheduled at the start of the process, it can be incorporated easily into the schedule.

So, top up the wine glass or get the kettle on again, it is time to get that wishlist started!

To make home improvement even less daunting, Kitchens Bespoke provide full project management. This is included with every kitchen we design and install.

Hopefully you’ve found our home improvement tips handy! If you’re now ready with your wishlist or looking for some inspiration to get you started? Pop into our showroom, check out our projects page or get in touch at info@kitchensbespoke.co.uk.

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    It’s definitely important to talk to people and get the right advice if you’re doing up a kitchen or bathroom! I think you should especially think about things like lighting and plumbing where you may need to find qualified and reputable tradesmen to help you fit your new kitchen or bathroom. It’s always better to get professional help than have regrets.

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    Thanks for sharing these tips. It’s very simple, but there is a lot going on in every number. It is also essential to finalize the budget and consider visiting/viewing showrooms to have the same look and feel the desired design.

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