The perfect open plan kitchen

perfect open plan kitchen

The perfect open plan kitchen

Creating the perfect open plan kitchen is top of many of our customers’ wish lists. Whether changing the internal layout, adding a new extension or just re-configuring the existing space, an open plan kitchen concept remains as popular as ever. An open plan layout just works so well for modern family living.

Coherent style

Creating distinct zones in your open plan space works really well when there is a coherency to each space. You can do this subtly too without compromising on the light and spacious feel. Use the flooring, lighting, materials and the colour scheme to achieve a familiarity between the different zones. You can incorporate soft seating, formal dining, casual dining, workspace and anthing else you want in addition to your kitchen but ensure there is a common thread linking the spaces together.

We love the use of a dresser in this open plan kitchen diner. The shaker style of the dresser and the colour matches the kitchen, creating a link between the kitchen and dining area.

modern farmhouse kitchen design & dresser

Optimise the space

A well designed open plan kitchen will ensure you have space for dining, working and relaxing, plus plenty of storage space. Each area of the kitchen will be carefully thought out and planned in order to optimise the space, whether it’s for food prep, dining or soft seating.

We love the bespoke curved bench seating and island designed for this kitchen. It creates a food preparation and generous dining area all rolled into one, with no compromise on space.

Integrated kitchen island and bench seating

Day to night

An open plan kitchen is going to be the most used room in the house. This is an area of your home that you’re going to use throughout the day and into the evening. It is important that it seamlessly delivers the practical space for working, cooking and dining you want for the day. Then delivers on the entertaining and downtime areas for the evening.

One of the best ways to transform a space from day to night is having different lighting options, particularly lovely ambient lighting. We love the down lights from the plinths in this kitchen and the inset lighting in the extractor hood.  When the task lighting is turned down and you’re ready to unwind for the evening, these different lighting options will provide a lovely soft atmosphere in your kitchen diner.

blue kitchen inspiration

The focal point

There are very few open plan kitchens without a central island, and one that serves as a really multi-purpose piece of furniture. Whether you’re eating at it, cooking on it, washing up or chopping veg, the island can do it all and will be the hub of the room. Hang a beautiful pendant light or two over it and choose a few statement bar stools to really enjoy the focal point of your open plan space.

Light grey & black contemporary open plan kitchen with pendant hood

Interested in creating your perfect open plan kitchen? Book a free in-home design consultation or pop into our showroom to kick off some ideas. Check out our Projects page too for some inspiration. Drop us a line at info@kitchensbespoke.co.uk or give us a call on 01342 313 133.

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