The multi-purpose open plan kitchen

In frame shaker kitchen with bespoke bench seating

The multi-purpose open plan kitchen

Open-plan concepts are still popular and one of the most common building projects we work on, achieved either through an extension or reconfiguration of space. The key to getting your multi-purpose open-plan kitchen concept right is to take the time at the outset to plan it thoroughly and take into accou

Do you need a play area, formal and casual dining, soft seating, a workspace, or a pantry, for example? Going through a checklist of everything you want to be able to do in this space ensures that each element is thought about in the early design stages. If you plan to work from home from your kitchen, you’re going to need more than bar stools and a breakfast bar to be comfortable. Or if you have young children, you’re going to want to be able to keep an eye on them whilst preparing food and cooking.

Then when we have every function addressed, we use the design to create distinct zones in your open plan space whilst ensuring the whole space feels coherent. This ensures the space is practical, defined and looks great from every angle.

Space to work from home

Open plan kitchen with home office

This fabulous open-plan kitchen, recently completed by the team has it all; loads of food prep space, two sinks, informal seating and breakfast bar, dining area (out of view) and even a desk! You really can multi-task to new levels in this kitchen. Whether overseeing homework, booking your supermarket shop, juggling Zoom calls or a full day’s work, it can all be done right here from the kitchen.

Formal and informal dining

Open plan kitchen with formal and informal dining options

Do you need still need a separate dining room, or has that become the most redundant room in the house? We can create distinct formal and informal eating areas within the open-plan concept. This set-up is perfect for quick bites, entertaining and family get-togethers; having both options is so versatile for family living and social occasions.

Family-friendly layout

In frame shaker kitchen with bespoke bench seating

Incorporating a dining table area into your island is a great way of creating a really sociable, space-saving and family-friendly kitchen.  Whoever’s at the table, family or guests, you won’t miss a thing whilst you’re busy in the kitchen.

This is a great solution if you want a large family table but don’t have room for a large island and a separate table.

Time to sit soft

Open plan kitchen concept with soft seating

A real plus in an open-plan concept is space for a soft-seating area. This works as a play area for children and is a great extension to your entertaining space. Once guests have finished dinner, it keeps the party right in the kitchen without losing people to other rooms in the house. Again, it’s a great way for to stay connected with family and friends whilst you’re busy in the kitchen, but without having people under your feet!

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