The Kitchen Trends We’re Enjoying This Autumn

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The Kitchen Trends We’re Enjoying This Autumn

 There is no ignoring the encroaching chill in the air, or reappearance of spiced lattes in our coffee shops. It must be time to embrace the new season!  We’re taking a moment to think about the kitchen trends emerging and those that just keep gaining momentum.

Kitchen furniture but not in your kitchen

Many of us are choosing to renovate our homes rather than go through the rigmarole of buying and selling. Modernising or adapting your current home means you stay in the home you love, and even get to fall in love with it all over again. We have lots of interesting projects afoot where homes are getting a makeover and a rethink! The most common renovation is to adapt a traditional layout into a more modern, open plan environment.

When designing an open plan space, we like to incorporate a piece of kitchen furniture into the non-kitchen area. This is usually for the dining or living room to create a synergy between the two zones. You want open plan but you don’t want a disjointed space. A statement dresser or sideboard, designed to match your kitchen looks absolutely fabulous, and creates that coherency to the open plan layout. There’s a great example of this in one of our recent projects. We created an open plan kitchen and diner and designed a bespoke dresser for the dining area to ensure the two spaces felt connected.

We’re being asked more and more to create this coherency between open plan zones using bespoke kitchen furniture, and just see this type of design growing in popularity.

Warm up your kitchen with warm metals

Some kitchen trends show no sign of abating and you’ll hear no complaints from us, we love incorporating tones of brass, copper and rose gold in our designs. These warm colours and textures couldn’t be a more perfect fit for the season either. Opt for just hints of the metals in your accessories or handles, or go for it with your sinks, pendant lights and back splashes, these materials always bring a warmth and sophistication to any design.  We are so taken with rose gold in a kitchen in fact, that we’re having one of our showroom taps replaced with a rose gold plated Quooker tap. You can be sure that we’ll post a picture of it when it’s in! Talking of taps…

A quick cuppa with Quooker

A boiling water tap might be something you initially feel sceptical about, after all your kettle works just fine. Many people feel like this, initially, and then they see and try the Quooker in our showroom! They look into its energy efficiency, they feel totally reassured by its child proof handle and they fall in love with the design. Then they learn that they can have it plated in any colour. Hence our new rose gold one winging its way to us now for the showroom!

We’ve barely sold a kitchen without a Quooker tap this year and can’t see the enthusiasm for them slowing down. These taps are set to be one of the major kitchen trends of the year. Learn a bit more about them here or even better, pop into the showroom to try it out for yourself.

Little black number

If the warm and spicy Autumnal tones are not for you, how do you feel about black? It’s a bold choice to go black all over in the kitchen but pick a few select elements and it will give your kitchen a truly contemporary and stylish twist.

Matte black creates a really effortless statement, and you can have any element of your kitchen finished in this way. Matte black appliances, handles, taps and sinks, let alone the cabinetry.

We are starting to really see the interest and requests come in for contemporary black features, especially those after a more industrial look. Which leads us on nicely to…

Did industrial style ever go away?

One of the kitchen trends that never really goes out of fashion but it certainly seems reignited this Autumn. Many suppliers are really running with the matte black finish, open shelving and robust features. Simply team a butler sink with a black tap and you give your kitchen a whole new and timeless look.

We are predicting a real hike in enquiries for industrial design and styling this Autumn.

Heart of glass

Move over patterned tiles, glass splashbacks are going to be making a veritable splash this Autumn.  The breadth of tile patterns and styles is great but we are really loving glass at the moment. The range of colours, the light reflecting properties, and the ease of keeping it clean makes it hard to beat as a feature.

You really can have the glass in any colour too, stay neutral or go bold and bright.  We have just recently installed a kitchen with one of the colours of the moment, a cool mustard/ochre colour and it looks really fabulous. Look out for it in on our projects page soon.

Stylish storage

September is a natural point in the year for a re-set, the summer holidays are done, school’s and uni’s are back, and the knitwear is coming out. Decluttering your kitchen is a great way to get that gratifying fresh start feeling.

There’s so many stylish ways now to hide away appliances and utensils. All of those items that you need on a daily basis but that clutter your workspace. These items obviously need to be in reach but it’s time to reclaim your worktop and there are ways to achieve this! This season we are noticing a real need for creative storage solutions and in response to this, our ‘bottomless’ dressers are going down a storm!

We design an integrated worktop and dresser unit, where the worktop continues right through the dresser, rather than being slotted around it. When you open the cabinet doors (sat above the worktop), instead of drawers or shelves, you have a clear cubby hole with your worktop as the base. You can set it up with electrical sockets to stow away toasters and microwaves, or just use it for items such as chopping boards and knife blocks. You simply pull items forward or out when you want to use them, and slide them back behind the door when you’re done. So simple but so effective in maintaining a beautiful but practical kitchen.

Finding your own style amongst the kitchen trends

This is just a snapshot of the some of the kitchen trends and styles we’re getting stuck into this Autumn. When it comes to your new kitchen, get inspired by new season trends and concepts but we recommend booking a design consultation to really explore all your options.  Open plan isn’t for everyone, and rose gold taps aren’t for everyone (did we mention that we’re excited about ours?), what are the key elements to your dream kitchen?  Book a consultation and let’s plan your your new kitchen with all the features that really inspire you.

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