Talk plainly to me! Let’s demystify some kitchen terminology

extended worktop upstand

Talk plainly to me! Let’s demystify some kitchen terminology

Are you just beginning to gather ideas and inspiration for a new kitchen but finding that some of the kitchen terminology is a mystery to you? Not sure if you know your pelmet, from your plinth to your upstand? It’s ok, we have a handy guide all ready for you!

Combination tap

Quooker tap

This is a style of modern tap that is capable of providing 100°C boiling water, in addition to the standard hot and cold running water. Combination taps are so popular and we are big fans. Can’t remember the last time we used a kettle! Honestly, once you start using one, you don’t go back. Our one consideration however is to check the safety features on your preferred model. Especially if you have young children in the house. Not all combination taps are made equal, we recommend Quooker every time.


The Cornice is simply the decorative, ornamental trim that sits at the top of a wall unit. In more traditional kitchen styles, this can be quite ornate and a statement piece of the design but in more contemporary kitchens, it really is just a simple trim.

in-frame shaker pantry unitIn-frame

In-frame simply refers to the style of the door and drawer fronts. They sit within a frame and the hinges are visible when the door is shut. It is such a popular style for the Shaker kitchen and looks really stunning on this bright blue pantry unit in Sussex.

Lay-onmodern farmhouse kitchen

Instead of sitting within a frame, the door simply lays on top of the carcase. The hinges are no longer visible so you get a very consistent and elegant look with this style of door. Check the the lay-doors on this gorgeous kitchen island in Uckfield.


We all know what a mantlepiece is but what does it refer to in terms of  kitchen terminology? It is simply a detail, often a shelf that sits above a range or a hob. Its purpose is aesthetic and to conceal the extractor.


The Pelmet is the trim that fits underneath your units and conceals the under cabinet lighting.


The Plinth is also a trim at the bottom of your units but is designed to conceal the legs. The plinth can be recessed, or moulded to look like skirting and to sit proud of the unit. We have a ‘proud’ plinth on display in the showroom, so do pop by if you want to take a closer look at this style.


Now you probably know that this is a common worktop material but there does seem to be confusion about what the material actually is. It is almost a fully natural material and is extracted from the ground like stone, but is extracted in a powder form. This powder is then combined with resin, colour dyes or other materials to create the colour and different styles of quartz available. Quartz is considered to be a 93% natural product. We love it, and again have it on display if you want to have a proper look.

modern shaker kitchenTongue & groove

This is usually found on the side panels in more traditional or country style kitchens. It is a type of panelling, where slim vertical panels sit edge to edge. Tongue & groove panelling is great for adding a contrasting texture in a kitchen.


This is simply an upward lip of your work top that extends from the base of the worksurface up the wall. We tend to design 100mm high upstands, but you can go as high as you like! If you are having a splashback or tiles, these sit right on top, flush to the upstand. This keeps all your surfaces protected and easy to clean. We have created a large upstand upstairs in the showroom with our Neolith worktop. The upstand extends the whole way up to the wall units.

Waterfall worktops

Contemporary Blue Handless Kitchen

This is such a popular style at the moment and we can’t complain, we love it too. A waterfall worktop is one where the worktop edge continues over the side of your island or the end of your units and continues right down to the floor. It is sleek, contemporary and looks particularly fabulous on a big statement island.


Hopefully we’ve successfully demystified some kitchen terminology for you! If we’ve sparked a few ideas for your new kitchen, pop in to see us and check out some of these details in person. Get in touch to make an appointment.

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