Take two with a two tone kitchen

Blue & porcelain two-tone kitchen by Kitchens Bespoke

Take two with a two tone kitchen

A two-tone kitchen is such a popular trend right now, and we love designing them!

When it comes to picking the colour scheme for their kitchen, some customers are ready with their favourite colours and know exactly what they want. For others, it’s time to delve into our samples, make Pinterest boards and follow interiors accounts on Instagram to get inspiration.

There are a number of ways to achieve the perfect two-tone kitchen; here are a few options to get your ideas flowing.

Tried and tested two-tone kitchen colour schemes

Blues, greys and whites 

Blue & porcelain two-tone kitchen by Kitchens Bespoke

If you want a two-tone scheme but want something with a timeless quality to it and the confidence that the colours will work, start lining up your favourite blues, greys and whites. Try different samples next to each other to see which combination you like the most.

There’s so much mileage with these three colours, and in almost any combination, you’ll find a classic look for your kitchen.


White and black

Monochrome two-tone kitchen by Kitchens Bespoke

A colour scheme that really does stay in fashion is the monochrome look.

It is always a statement and always a colour scheme that really transforms your kitchen.  We love the bold black full-height units used here, but if you’re a bit nervous about black, choose to have it on your island or low units only. There are lots of ways to make this scheme work for your space.

Or, if you’re not ready for a true black but like the monochrome theme, go for a charcoal grey and you’ll get a similar effect but a softer version.

Bold contrasts

Teals, blues, pinks and reds

Kitchen island in Farrow & Ball's Vardo

If you want your two-tone scheme to pack a punch with a bold contrast, go for a deep colour or more playful colour on your low units and/or island and a contrasting light colour on your wall units. Contrast is the name of the game here, so don’t hold back; what two colours will give your kitchen the wow factor?

For our customers, a deep blue is ever-popular as a statement colour, but you can really have fun with this type of colour scheme. We have a heathery purple on our island in the showroom, and it would look fabulous in a two-tone scheme paired with a creamy or dove grey palette. Pictured here is a fabulous teal colour by Farrow & Ball called ‘Vardo,’ isn’t it just stunning?

Soft and subtle contrasts

Earthy, tonal colours in green, grey, stone and white

Two-tone kitchen in white and grey

With whites and tonal colours, you can create a lovely two-tone scheme with a softer, more subtle contrast.

In fact, if you stick with tonal colours, you can’t go wrong. If you want a subtle colour contrast but would like some differentiation, choose white for your base units and then something tonal for the wall units with a pattern or texture to it.

Painted Vs unpainted

Solid oak 

Painted shaker & oak in-frame shaker kitchen

If you love the texture and warmth of solid oak but don’t want your kitchen dominated by it, mix and match it! Have your island in solid oak combined with a painted finish across the rest of the kitchen.

For more of a traditional or farmhouse look, team your solid oak with white or cream. To give it a more contemporary spin, choose a colour that pops, like the pastel blue used here. To get more of an industrial look, use black in combination with your solid oak and opt for a handleless style. Don’t believe us? Check out our new Rotpunkt display!

Rotpunkt kitchen at Kitchens Bespoke

All of the kitchens shown here are real kitchens designed and installed by the team. Head to our Projects page to find out more about each one and for more design inspiration.

Or, if you’re ready to start putting samples together to pick your favourite combination, book a free design consultation at info@kitchensbespoke.co.uk or call us on 01342 313 133. Our showroom is open six days a week, and evening appointments are available on request.

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