Take it outside with a bespoke outdoor kitchen

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Take it outside with a bespoke outdoor kitchen

Don’t you just love it when you get one of those gloriously warm days which stretch into the evening? And the whole family is content to just be outside? The BBQ is on, drinks are chilling and the meat is marinating.

Have you considered taking your outdoor dining to the next level and installing an outdoor kitchen?

More and more of our customers are enquiring about outdoor kitchens so we thought we’d share some advice. After all, if you can do your food prep, cocktail making, grilling and dining together, outdoors, why wouldn’t you?

So what do you need in your outdoor kitchen?

There’s not a lot that you can’t have in your outdoor kitchen! It is really possible to have a fully specified meal prep, cooking and dining area, isn’t that just the dream!

Whatever your space or set up outdoors, there is a solution for it. You can choose between built-in or freestanding appliances, install a proper run of units and appliances or create something more informal and eclectic.

In addition, you’re not limited to food prep and cooking. There are a wealth of refrigeration and storage options too, including outdoor wine cabinets!

We’d recommend having built a simple canopied or gazebo type structure so you can really enjoy your outdoor kitchen for most of the year. Whatever you go for, just make sure it is safe for the grill!

To really utilise the outdoor kitchen space, you’ll need a sink and food prep area. This means the whole meal can be prepared and eaten outside and you don’t miss out on any time with your family and guests. Now for the cooking part, go for a large grill. Once this is all set up, your garden is going to be the spot where all your friends and family want to hang out, so you want to be able to get plenty of food on the go. Lastly, we’d also recommend a refrigeration unit for your drinks and salads. No wilting salads or warm Rosé here thanks!

Creating a practical outdoor kitchen

Before planning how it will look, there are a few practical considerations to cross off the list first.

  • Rubbish
  • Water & drainage
  • Power

Big barbecues and gatherings generate a fair amount of rubbish. It might sound mundane to consider rubbish management when you have cocktail stations and pizza ovens to decide on, but do give thought to all the little practical details. Do you have a bin area thought out? You really don’t want a black bin bag hanging around attracting wasps when you’ve got a large group of friends over, or endless missions back to the kitchen with bits and pieces of rubbish and scraps. We think that the best solution is to have one built in to your units, as you might in your main kitchen. No unsightly bin and no rubbish getting caught in a gust of wind and decorating your garden. Your outdoor oasis will remain uncluttered, clean and tidy.

For storage, prep and cooking, you’re going to need to have the area served by water and power. If this is all considered early enough, it is not difficult to facilitate.

What kind of materials should you go for?

You will need materials and items built for the outdoors. The British climate is not a kind one so you need to pick appliances particularly that have been designed to withstand the elements.

For outdoor worktops, the best materials to use are granite or quartz, or stainless steel if it has been treated to withstand the elements.

Remember, style & purpose do not have to be compromised by choosing weather resistant materials and robust products. You want something that looks great, is easy to clean and stands up to a good old British winter!

Doing it uncompromising style

Sub-Zero & Wolf take outdoor living seriously! The same robust quality and innovation you’d expect from this brand has been shared with the outdoor range. The Wolf outdoor collection spans freestanding and built-in grills in a range of sizes, along with a choice of complementary warming drawers and Sub-Zero refrigerator drawers.
The superior air control of the Wolf Warming Drawer helps keep moist food moist and crisp foods crisp. In addition to stainless steel and contemporary black glass, an integrated drawer front allows for a custom wood panel and handle hardware.

The one we’d most like to take home? The patriarch of them all, the Wolf 54” Outdoor Gas Grill.
This king of the grills features three individually contained grill burners. When you’ve got quite the menu to prepare, this gives you independent heat control and all the space to set your barbecue skills free.

Lynx outdoor kitchens are stunning, built to endure heavy use and stand exposure to extreme weather conditions. The design is stylish yet entirely practical.  A special welding technique is used to eliminate the gaps and seams where moisture and grease can accumulate.

Think our favourites in the range are the built-in grill with dual-position internal rotisserie and the Freestanding cocktail station. They had us at cocktail…

Start planning

If you aspire to host outdoor soirees with a difference and host almost in the exact same comfort as a high spec indoor kitchen, pouring over the Sub-Zero & Wolf and Lynx ranges will get your ideas flowing!

So if this has piqued your curiosity to see what can be achieved in your garden or on your patio, pop in for an informal chat! Book an appointment at info@kitchensbespoke.co.uk or give us a call on 01342 313133. Of course, if you’re in need of an internal kitchen first, head straight to our Projects page for some inspiration!

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