Small Kitchen Design Tips

small kitchen design tips

Small Kitchen Design Tips

We’re not all lucky enough to have big kitchens with room for islands or dining tables. However this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style! Swot up on our small kitchen design ideas to ensure your small but perfectly formed kitchen is both stylish and practical.

Utilise the space you do have

Small kitchen design is fundamentally about ensuring that your space is optimised. For example, if you have high ceilings, you have plenty of space for tall units. Even without lots of height, floor to ceiling units are ideal for decluttering your space.

Where possible, house your worktop appliances like kettles, coffee machines and toasters in a unit. This keeps your worktop free and will avoid your kitchen feeling cluttered and smaller than it is.

Practical choices 

Be savvy with your design choices to give you more usable space or a sense of space. A great option is to swap out your extraction hood for a combined extractor induction hob.

It’s on lots of wish lists but if you do have a small kitchen area, you may not have room for a kitchen island. But you might have room for a peninsula breakfast bar! This will give you a great feature, more worktop space and a casual dining area.

Optical illusions

If you’re using tiles on the floor or wall, choose a large tile rather than mosaics or really small ones. Using larger tiles tricks the eye on the perception of space and can really help a space look larger than it is. Don’t be afraid of a bold pattern on the floor either. This again changes how you perceive a space and can make it feel much bigger.

Colour is key

We all know that light colours will make a space feel larger and more airy but you’re not limited to light colours. A dark colour scheme can really create drama and atmosphere in a small space. You can also achieve the best of both worlds by choosing two contrasting colours, the dark colour will provide more drama and the lighter contrast will lift the whole scheme.

Small Kitchen Design Examples 

Galley Kitchens

The Galley Kitchen is a feature of many homes and with the right design can feel stylish and spacious, despite being narrow. How about this modern kitchen for some inspiration?

The white handleless design creates a flawless finish, ensuring the kitchen feels fresh and contemporary. Light is reflected around the kitchen by the yellow glass splashback and partially removing the wall between the breakfast room and kitchen creates a much greater sense of space.

Cottage kitchens

Cottage Kitchens are notorious for being smaller, having wonky walls, period features to work around and non-standard spaces in which to accommodate the needs of a modern kitchen. Check out this period cottage kitchen for inspiration on how to incorporate a dark colour scheme and period beams and still create a stunning modern kitchen.

This design maximises the space available for worktops and storage. Despite its size, this kitchen has room for everything!

Compact kitchens 

Compact square kitchen spaces are common and lend themselves to a variety of design styles. For this project, the customers were modernising their home and wanted something contemporary and light to replace the previous darker and more old fashioned kitchen.

We love the seamless Corian worktops, contrasting unit colours and the real pop of colour in the glass splashback.

Talk to us about your small kitchen design ideas and let’s get to work! Our showroom is open from Monday 15 June so pop in or drop us an email to make an appointment: info@kitchensbespoke.co.uk.

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