Pricing a bespoke kitchen

Pricing a bespoke kitchen blog

Pricing a bespoke kitchen

We find that many customers find it hard to know where to start when costing up a new bespoke kitchen. The very concept of bespoke suggests the price is as long as the proverbial piece of string!

Whilst a bespoke kitchen can be delivered to fit very different budgets, it is generally going to take you outside the national high street retail chains. This is because you are investing in a different quality of product and level of service.

Tailor made to your home 

Having a bespoke kitchen designed and installed is a made to measure experience. It is never just about a beautiful kitchen but the expertise in design solutions too. Independent kitchen specialists like us can look at your space and recommend a design that will address your specific needs.  Maybe your kitchen has limited natural light or wonky walls, or you want a particular feature but don’t think your dimensions will accommodate it. A bespoke kitchen means those needs or challenges can be addressed with elegant solutions.

Fixed and variable costs

If you need your kitchen to fall within a set budget, it is really about knowing the features and elements you don’t want to compromise on. Then we can offer alternative finishes or solutions in other areas, so you get your dream kitchen with minimal compromise.

Some elements of the kitchen are more fixed in terms of cost, the labour and fitters for example. However, there are lots of elements in the kitchen itself which can vary greatly. Worktops are a great example, if you are not after ceramic or corian for your worktop, stylish laminate worktops will make your budget go a lot further and can still look fabulous.

If it is all about the gadgetry and sleek appliances, then there’s a wealth of choice. Whether you’re after your dream range cooker, a huge wine cooler (that’s on all our wish lists, right?) or perhaps the more architectural style cooker hoods, your appliances can be a style statement all by themselves. Style coupled with state of the art technology could really take your culinary skills to the next level! We work with a select group of suppliers who we trust implicitly in product quality and style, and can recommend ranges to complement your budget.

To help you plan a budget for your own bespoke kitchen, we’ve broken down the different elements into approximate percentages. This way, you can see the fixed costs and then where you may want to allocate your own budget to the different areas. You may have appliances you wish to keep, or have already sourced flooring and lighting for example.

Bespoke kitchen cost breakdown

VAT: 20%
Fitting/labour: 10-15%
Worktops: 10-15%
Appliances: 10-15% (including taps/sink)
Furniture: 40% Depending on individual preferences and spec, this could include lighting, flooring and tiles.

Remember that this is a guide only! Your choices on spec for kitchen cabinetry, brand of appliances and worktops will all impact the budget. Hopefully this shows you where you can make adjustments and what to plan for.

We are so committed to kitchen projects being delivered to meet and exceed expectation, we also provide full project management. This is at no extra charge to our customers because we understand what an investment a new bespoke kitchen is. We want it to be central to your home and family for years to come so it has to be right.

Book a free design consultation and let’s start planning your new dream kitchen. Book an appointment by calling 01342 313133 or by emailing info@kitchensbespoke.co.uk.

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  • Nancy
    Posted at 07:49h, 09 April Reply

    Given the percentage cost of the entire kitchen renovation gives you light on how much you should be preparing for this investment as a kitchen renovation is quite the pricey investment but if you need it badly and have the budget why go for it and make the best out of it.

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