Planning a utility room

planning a utility room

Planning a utility room

Planning a utility room may not be as aspirational for a home perhaps aa kitchen or bedroom of your dreams, but when you don’t have one and then have the opportunity to have one, it is a game changer! There is real satisfaction to closing the door on a spinning machine, discarded shoes or a basket of laundry. Whether you’re building an extension that will incorporate a utility room or working within the existing footprint, there are plenty of options and ways to optimise the space you have.

This utility room is really practical and maximises the space available by having full height units and an integrated microwave. Having the microwave incorporated in this way frees up valuable counter space. View the project here.

high gloss utility room


If it’s an extension, it needs all the usual services and don’t underestimate how many sockets you’ll need. As well as your washer and dryer, you’ll probably have additional counter top kitchen appliances and attachments to household equipment that you want to safely and tidily account for.

Wish list

What do you need your utility to accommodate? Normally laundry items are a given but perhaps coat and boot storage as well? Perhaps you want pet food stored? A tall cupboard for brooms and vacuums and perhaps a second fridge or freezer, or wine cooler? If you’re using your utility aa boot room too, a bench to perch on whilst you wrestle wellies on and off comes in really handy. We’d also recommend a big, deep sink if you’re likely to be cleaning muddy sports equipment.

Extension of the kitchen

The utility doesn’t have to look completely utilitarian. Focusing on the practicality of the space is the right priority but you can extend the style from your kitchen into the utility seamlessly. You might not want it to be a mirror image of the kitchen but picking a few elements such as the flooring and cabinets, or worktops and splash back will help integrate the two spaces.

This utility room below is designed to perfectly match the colour and materials in the main kitchen. View the project here.

blue utility room

 place for everything

Utility rooms are the most helpful to a busy family home when everything has a spot, is easily accessible and there is a common sense approach to where and how things are stored.
Think of everything you want to store in there and where you’d want it.  For example, what do you need out of reach of children? What will you be using every day? Do you want somewhere to hang items of laundry? Whatever you think you need, give yourself plenty of storage options to keep clutter at bay, so it can be both a practical and stylish extension to your kitchen.

If you would like to discuss planning a utility  room or a boot room with us, pop into the showroom. Or get in touch at info@kitchensbespoke.co.uk or on 01342 313 133 and we’ll come out to you for a free in-home design consultation.

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