Planning a kitchen extension the right way

planning a kitchen extension

Planning a kitchen extension the right way

If you’ve just moved house or have decided to renovate where you are, planning a kitchen extension is probably high on your list. Getting your space right at home has never felt more important and our kitchens are working even harder to serve multiple uses. It is no surprise that following our shift in priorities at home, that we want to find more space and make the best use of it.

We have some simple advice to help you navigate your renovations. Most importantly, if getting a new kitchen is a big motivator for the work, don’t leave planning it too late. The worst position to find yourself in, is to have got your planning permission and commenced building work, only to learn that you don’t actually have space for the kitchen you want. Try to start the design and ordering process in plenty of time to get the new kitchen delivered on time for your build schedule. You don’t want to live any longer on a building site than necessary, trust us on that one!

6 steps to planning a kitchen extension

1 Take some time to dream and visualise

When you are imagining your new kitchen, how do you see it being used? Are you going to work from the kitchen? Are you going in and out of the garden from the kitchen? Do you love cooking and see yourself doing lots of food prep and experimenting? Will you be entertaining? Overseeing young children? What irritates you about your current setup? Really think how this new space will be used and it will help you identify all the features you want incorporated.

2 Make a wish

Write a wishlist for all the features and pieces you want in your kitchen, and try to order it by priority. Many customers come to us with a kitchen island you can eat at and a pantry at the top of their wishlist, what would take top spot on yours?

3 What’s your style?

What style of kitchen are you dreaming of? Minimalist and uncluttered? Traditional and classic in style? Or more eclectic in style? How is the rest of the house styled? Consider whether something very modern or more classic would suit your house and personal style.

Now it’s time to chat to a kitchen designer with all these ideas and wants!

4 Your bespoke design

Your designer will have listened to all your needs and produced their first draft of your kitchen design for review. You’ll see what’s possible in your proposed space and how your needs have been met. Or, if space doesn’t practically allow for everything on your list, you’ll see elegant solutions and often a few ideas you hadn’t yet thought of! Working with your designer, now you can finalise your new kitchen extension design.

5 Starting the build

You now have a complete spec and plan to guide your planning permission request. Share this spec with your chosen construction firm and contractors. By sharing this early, you’re ensuring everyone has a clear vision of how the electrics and plumbing need to be set up before the building work is started.

6 Pressing go

Try to place your order for the new kitchen about 12 weeks before it is needed on site. Bespoke kitchens take a little longer and this gives you contingency if there are extended lead times on any products.

You don’t have to go it alone

If project managing a new kitchen extension feels overwhelming, you are not alone! You can work with a local kitchen designer, like us, who can project manage it for you. When you work with a local designer in this way, you’ll access the trades who they’ve worked with before and trust. You’ll benefit from a tried and tested team of professionals, with your kitchen designer managing the build schedule for you.

Whether you decide to project manage yourself or go with a business like ours, planning a new kitchen extension is a big investment in your time and your property. But it does offer you a real opportunity to get the kitchen and family space of your dreams. Spend time up front, really deciding what it is you want from the space. Then then instruct the right team of professionals to deliver it for you.

Talk to us about your plans for a new kitchen extension at info@kitchensbespoke.co.uk or call us on 01342 313133. For some inspiration on kitchen extension projects we’ve managed for our customers, check out this beautiful modern farmhouse in Uckfield.

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