Outdoor kitchen design for outdoor entertaining in style

outdoor kitchen design

Outdoor kitchen design for outdoor entertaining in style

Our customers are starting to enquire about our outdoor kitchen design service, so we’ve pulled together a few tips to get your planning underway.

Entertaining outdoors and utilising our outdoor spaces has never been more popular than over the pandemic. We’ve cherished our gardens, our barbecues and the chance to socialise safely with friends and family when allowed to do so. Has this newfound appreciation for entertaining outdoors taken root? Are we planning to make this part of our new normal and continue to host and unwind on our patios with the same enthusiasm as last summer? We think it might just be a version of the new normal that we’re on board with.


Being outdoors really isn’t much of a limitation when it comes to setting up your outside kitchen. You can still choose between freestanding or integrated appliances with cupboards and worktops to re-create a fully-fledged kitchen or go for something more eclectic. If you have the space, there’s not much that can’t be incorporated.

When it comes to choosing your grill, go large. As soon as this kitchen is set up, all your friends and family are going to be making themselves at home and you’re going to want to get lots of food on the go, pronto.

In addition to cooking appliances, you can get your refrigeration incorporated too. Yes, this means you can have a wine cooler outdoors. Isn’t that just the dream on a warm summer evening!

Weather permitting

Despite memories of heatwaves and sunny bank holidays last year, we can’t get away from the fact we live in the UK and not in the Med, so do plan in a canopy or gazebo for your kitchen area. This will really extend your use of the outdoor kitchen beyond a few summer weeks and your entertaining efforts will never be rained off!

Just please make sure you take advice on where and how to install the grill so you’re cooking safely undercover.

You will need to choose brands that build appliances specifically for the outdoors. You’re going to need some hardy products to withstand the elements. We love the Sub-Zero & Wolf outdoor ranges but there are now lots of brands to choose from. We also like using granite or quartz for worktops, although stainless steel is also a good option if it has been treated to protect it from wind and rain.

Practicality is key

An outdoor kitchen needs to make your life easier to entertain outside, not harder so give yourself a dedicated food prep area and sink. You won’t miss any of the chat, wine top ups or evening sun, and most importantly no traipsing backwards and forwards from your kitchen indoors.

In addition to a sink, you’re going to need power for your refrigeration and it’s a really good idea to think about your area for rubbish too. Thinking about bins is probably lower down the list than a gorgeous new outdoor dining set, but barbecues can create a lot of rubbish and food waste.

We really recommend a built-in bin area within your outdoor cupboard units, this stops pets and pests accessing the rubbish and makes the clean-up job at the end, a cinch.

Mix and match

Perhaps you already have a few elements for your outdoor entertaining area but want to create a food prep area with worktops or help sourcing the right appliances. No problem. We can create a bespoke outdoor kitchen design from scratch or just help you with a few elements that are really going to take your outdoor dining to another level.

Ready to discuss what can be achieved in your garden?  Book an outdoor kitchen design appointment at info@kitchensbespoke.co.uk or give us a call on 01342 313133. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more inspiration and advice. 

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