Our favourite kitchen storage solutions

kitchen storage solutions

Our favourite kitchen storage solutions

We’ve done a number of posts about the best kitchen storage solutions, and we will continue to do so because it is such a hot topic in our design consultations! Everyone wants more storage, easier access to items and for it to look good. The great news is that all those boxes can be ticked. We’ve highlighted below a few of our favourite storage solutions and why.

Corner kitchen storage solution

Corner solutions

The deepest units in your kitchen are often your corner units. This is great for your bulky items, plenty of room to tuck them all away; however, a nightmare if you have to get on your hands and knees each time to reach back into the recesses of the cupboard to find anything.

If you opt for a solution like this, your shelves will cleverly glide around and out of the unit, providing easy access to everything. Your slow cooker is no longer banished at the back!


Pull-out larders

Whether you opt for full height or base units, slim or full width, a pull-out larder is a game changer for easy access to pantry items, oils, spices, cereals, well to be honest anything. Nothing gets forgotten about at the back or is hard to reach.

Or, opt for absolute flexibility and pick a solution with individual pull-out sections. We love the simple style of these wide wooden drawers.

You can really make these pull-out storage solutions work for you and your needs. A combination of open shelves and pull-outs is a great storage solution providing both a display area and hidden storage.

And if the wood pull-out drawers aren’t to your taste, there are also glass-fronted and coloured options so you can pick the right style for your kitchen.


Drawers & drawer organisers

There are a host of options when it comes to choosing your drawers. Deep drawers, concealed drawers and drawers with compartments. If you prefer drawers over cupboards, there is a wealth of choices on offer. We love deep drawers for pots and pans and always recommend getting drawer inserts and compartments to ultra-organise your cutlery and small items.


Standalone or integrated, a pantry unit is ideal for storing anything and everything. There is almost nothing a pantry can’t neatly stow away but still have readily accessible for you. Wine racks, spice racks, open shelves, drawers, breakfast stations and cocktail stations, you really can have your pantry set up any way you choose.

Appliance garage

Looking to reclaim your worktop? Coffee machines, kettles and toasters are all things you need close by but take up space on your worktops.  An appliance garage is a great solution, either open-fronted or with doors. It’s the perfect dedicated space to have your small appliances plugged in but without cluttering your work areas.

Ready to maximise your storage, have everything accessible and ensure it fits in beautifully with your scheme? It’s time to book your free design consultation. Call us on 01342 313 133 or get in touch at info@kitchensbespoke.co.uk. Don’t forget to check out our latest projects too for some real home inspiration and to see the kitchen storage solutions our customers have chosen.

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