Must-have Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Must-have Kitchen Storage Ideas

There is always one feature that everyone needs more of in their kitchen and that is storage. So we’ve picked a few choice items that make our list of must-have kitchen storage ideas. The trick is to have designated ‘homes’ for all the clutter so it is easy to stow away but also easy to access. A cluttered worktop is harder to keep clean and really reduces your space for food and drink preparation. Getting a new kitchen is the ideal opportunity to address a lack of storage and to think afresh how you want to organise your kitchen. You’ll be able to maximise the space with the right cabinetry and utilise an array of clever storage solutions. 

Corner pull-outs

LeMans corner carousel storage solution

Corner cupboards are not awkward wastes of space when you have the right storage solution fitted. We love the LeMans pull-outs pictured here. They are are stylish and built robustly with stability for heavy pots, pans and tableware. You can have pull-outs in tall or base units so no more awkward, impractical corner storage in your kitchen.

Floor to ceiling storage

floor to ceiling storage

If you don’t have many cabinets or you have a small kitchen, taking your wall units full height, will help you really maximise your storage capacity. Even better, you increase your storage without taking up any more footprint in the kitchen. Just pop seasonal and lightweight items up at the top so you’re not hunting for the steps each day!

Deep Drawers

Inner cutlery drawer

Getting the drawers right in your kitchen will really make a difference to your storage capacity.  We really recommend having plenty of deep drawers, you’ll be amazed at how much they can take! The next tip with drawers is not to waste a whole one on cutlery. Have an inner cutlery drawer that pulls out within your top drawer. This will give you twice the capacity without compromise.

Pantry or larder storage 

Kitchen storage ideas - bespoke pantry

If you don’t have a separate pantry, a bespoke pantry cupboard is a great idea and can be designed to your requirements. Often customers want a pantry unit for their bakeware and spices, for everyday store cupboard items and tableware. We have seen customers make fabulous drinks cabinets and stations with them too. They store whatever you wish, but they’re also great for your small everyday appliances like kettles, toasters & blenders. Pull out what you need to use, slide it back again and close the door on it. 

Whatever you want to have all in one place, and with easy access, a bespoke pantry unit will deliver. They’re also a great element to have fun with in your colour scheme. A pop of colour on the pantry to contrast with the kitchen creates a fabulous feature in the kitchen.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are nooks and crannys in every kitchen that can be fully utilised. If you would like to discuss kitchen storage ideas for your new kitchen, pop into the showroom. Or get in touch at info@kitchensbespoke.co.uk or on 01342 313 133 and we’ll come out to you for a free in-home design consultation. Don’t forget to view our recent projects page for more design ideas too. 

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