Kitchen design for 2024

Kitchen design for 2024

Kitchen design for 2024

While wrapping up 2023 and already busy designing kitchens for next year, we paused over a coffee to discuss kitchen design for 2024. What patterns or trends were emerging in our design consultations? What’s on our customers’ wishlists, and what are they discovering during the design process?

Our kitchen design predictions for 2024

Clutter-free worktops

This is a big theme with customers right now. They no longer want their toasters, kettles, air-fryers, or small appliances cluttering the worktops, they want everything tucked away out of sight. For some customers, this is to maintain a contemporary and minimalist aesthetic, but for many, it is really just about reducing clutter and keeping worktops clear for easy cleaning and food prep.

Breakfast pantry - Kitchen design for 2024

We did hear that clutter is making a bit of a comeback in interior trends so that homes look lived in rather than an Instagram reel, and we are all on board with homes looking lived in. But we can all agree that we don’t need to fill our worktops with all the manner of things that live there, namely small appliances, tea and coffee caddies, device charging points and anything else that somehow migrates there!

One of the best solutions for clutter-free worktops is an integrated pantry unit. This works especially well as a breakfast station, complete with a coffee machine, toaster, teabag caddies and all the important accessories we like to have on hand when we’re making our favourite hot drink.

Neutrals, naturals and earthy tones dominate the colour schemes

While they’ll always be popular, grey and blue have been knocked off the top for colour choices! Deep blues and all shades of grey have been favourites for so long, but 2024 looks like the return of the more neutral, earthy schemes with soft palettes of cream, green, terracotta, sand and stone colours.

Kitchen design for 2024 by Kitchens Bespoke

These muted colour palettes create calm spaces, work with both traditional and contemporary kitchen design and have a lovely timeless quality. Wood, gold and black accents all work well depending on the final look you want to achieve. With this colour scheme as a base, there are lots of ways to make the earthy neutrals palette really work for every home.

We’re just finishing a kitchen in green and terracotta with gold accents, which looks fabulous. Keep an eye on our website to see the finished project.

Seeing double

If you’ve not considered this before, it can sound extreme, but once you double these elements up, you realise what you’ve been missing!

For busy family kitchens, it can be a game changer to incorporate two sinks: a prep sink, a washing-up sink, double ovens and two dishwashers.

If you’re after clutter-free worktops, one of the culprits threatening your lovely streamlined quartz is all the ‘stuff’ left on the side. Get organised with two separate sinks and two dishwashers to make cooking and cleaning in the kitchen a breeze. You’ll really wonder how you managed without. Prep sinks have been popular for a while, and we see no sign of this slowing down next year. Now, the question is, do you want two Quooker taps as well?

The rise of the downdraft extraction

BORA Professional, Kitchens Bespoke

Even those customers who have not considered their extraction preferences, quickly add a downdraft hob & extraction system to their brief as soon as we demo the BORA in the showroom.

No bulky hood extractor to accommodate on the wall or ceiling, and quiet, efficient extraction whisking away odours and smoke before they even leave your pan. It has to be seen to be believed, but this has been on an upward trend throughout 2023, and BORA hobs are firmly on the wishlists we’re seeing coming together for 2024.

The ever-popular shaker kitchen

The modern shaker style of kitchen remains pinned on the Pinterest boards and folded over on brochure pages. This is the styleKitchen design by Kitchens Bespoke that just doesn’t go out of fashion and is by far the most popular style of kitchen we get asked to design.

Whether you like the elegant lay-on door or the sophisticated in-frame design, the shaker kitchen continues to inspire our customers’ mood boards.

There really is a shaker kitchen for every type of home and interior; it is always a classic choice and we can’t wait to create more beautiful shaker kitchens next year.


How many of these are already on your wishlist? We’re back on Wednesday 3 January, so book a free design consultation at info@kitchensbespoke.co.uk to start designing your dream new kitchen in 2024. Or pop in to see us in the new year; our showroom is open six days a week, and walk-ins are welcome!
Need more inspiration? Head to our Projects page.

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