What worktops are the easiest to keep clean?

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What worktops are the easiest to keep clean?

Coronavirus has us all doubling our efforts to keep our hands washed to within an inch of their lives and our sanitiser gel at the ready. But what about our home environments? What about keeping germs at bay longer term, beyond the virus outbreak? What worktops are the easiest to keep clean? If you’re planning a new kitchen, it is well worth considering materials that will really help you maintain a hygienic environment.

Worktops are of course a high traffic area in the kitchen. The good news is that there are worktop surfaces designed to help you keep your kitchen both clean and looking great.


Corian® is a man made solid surface using acrylic resin and natural minerals and is extremely versatile in the kitchen. It is ideal for worktops, backsplashes and integral sinks, it offers inconspicuous seams and has a sleek, hygienic, nonporous surface.

Because the material is non-porous, stains cannot penetrate its surface. This means that when you clear up a spillage, you leave no residue behind. With proper cleaning, Corian® also resists the growth of mould, mildew and bacteria. This means you can be confident that your worktop and splashback is as clean as it looks. One of our favourite features is the seamless look you get too. With a barely perceptible seam, there are no crevices to trap dirt and bacteria.

Because it is a man made product, there is a great range of colours and tones available too. Whatever style of kitchen you choose, you’ll find a Corian® finish that complements it perfectly.


Neolith is just a beautifully elegant product, with unmatched durability and characteristics. It is described as a sintered stone, which is an evolution from traditional ceramic stone. The composition is 100% natural, based on 3 groups of elements:

  1. Minerals from granite: quartz and feldspar which provide the product with hardness and strength.
  2. Minerals from glass and silica that provide chemical stability.
  3. Natural oxides that offer chromatic properties.

This composition makes it extremely robust! It is non-porous, resistant to scratching, high temperatures, chemicals and UV rays, in addition to being stain resistant and having a practically zero absorption rate.

It boasts all these qualities and is also available in a much slimmer depth than standard worktops. This slim profile really adds to the elegance of the product without compromising its durability.

Like with quartz, there is a wealth of choices in the finish and tones you want to achieve with sintered stone. We love the ‘riverwashed’ finish (pictured above, splashback & worktop), it replicates the original texture of the stone so it feels tactile and warm.

We have both Corian® & Neolith worktops on display in the showroom. Pop in to see them up close and personal (just don’t be offended if we ask you to wash your hands first!).

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