Introducing KönigCeramic worktops

Pietra Grey KonigCeramic

Introducing KönigCeramic worktops

If you’re familiar with our Projects page, you’ll know we use Königstone Quartz widely across our kitchen designs. Königstone has all the qualities and contemporary styles our customers and we love, making it a firm favourite. So, we were thrilled to learn that Königstone have launched their own sintered stone range, KönigCeramic. Sintered stone surfaces look and feel as beautiful as natural stone but have been engineered to make them even more hard-wearing. These engineered stone slabs make stylish, practical and robust worktops and this new range by Königstone comes in eight stunning designs.

KönigCeramic worktops

KönigCeramic is a sintered surface with striking printed designs that replicate the veins and markings of natural stone. The slabs are created using carefully sourced natural minerals, which are compacted to a high density and fired to a temperature of over 1200°C to make this incredible hard-wearing product. This sintered surface is so robust it can be used on for outdoor kitchens, too.

KönigCeramic characteristics

  • Easy to clean
  • Heat resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Hygenic
  • UV resistant

With the product being fired at over 1200°C, it is virtually non-porous, making it extremely stain-resistant, heat and scratch-resistant. You can even place hot pans directly onto the surface.

In addition to looking for the best hard-wearing surfaces, we want our kitchen worktops to be easy to maintain too and that means they must be easy to keep clean. Some household cleaners are too harsh for natural stone surfaces, but KönigCeramic is compatible with most popular cleaning products which is music to our ears.

Eight beautiful designs

Click on any of the thumbnails to take a closer look at each design and veining in detail.

Ready to choose your KönigCeramic worktops or want to start exploring all the options? We have quartz, granite, sintered stone and wood samples in the showroom. Book a free design consultation at info@kitchensbespoke.co.uk. Or pop in to see us; our showroom is open six days a week, and walk-ins are welcome!

Learn more about KönigCeramic.

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