How long does it take to install a bespoke kitchen?

Installing a bespoke kitchen

How long does it take to install a bespoke kitchen?

This is a common question from customers planning a new kitchen so we thought we’d take some time to talk you through the process.  Typically we allow three weeks for installing a bespoke kitchen. This is primarily because a bespoke kitchen by definition is not an off-the-shelf solution. Installing one is a process, each piece of the giant jigsaw needs careful handling, fitting, adjusting and setting into place. Our kitchens are robust and beautiful and last for decades, so every stage of the install is managed with acute attention to detail.

A phased approach to installing a new bespoke kitchen


As part of our installation, we will organise all the different trades required in the set up of a new kitchen. It is not practical to have all the the trades there at the same time. So, we work out the installation timeline, when each trade is required and make all the arrangements for you. This ensures that each element of the installation is completed and managed in a logical and efficient way.

If there is a building project taking place alongside the kitchen, we will liaise with the builder before an installation timeline is confirmed. This ensures that any elements where there is crossover between the two projects, are accounted for.

Dismantling the existing kitchen

It takes time to remove an existing kitchen in a manner which leaves floors and walls in a good condition. This is particularly important if any existing items are going to be reused.

Site preparation

Once the old kitchen has been dismantled, the site now has to be readied for the new kitchen. This could mean removing walls, moving a doorway, or relocating water and electric services. It is also common in older properties to discover that the current plumbing and electrical set up is no longer fit for purpose. We take the time at this point to check the services and relocate if required.

Clean slate

Our technical term for this part in the process is ‘make good!’ We have even nicknamed one of our team, ‘Steve Make Good’ as it is his job to come on site at this point and get the walls ready for the installation, including the first coat of paint. The kitchen space is now a clean slate, and ready for its transformation!

If you are having a tiled floor, this is also the phase where we would organise for the tiling to go in. Other flooring types, such as Karndean, go in after the installation but any floor preparation required, would still be done at this point. This might be levelling it, or laying down latex.


Step 1
The first step in installing a bespoke kitchen is to get the levelling right. Ensuring every element is level (horizontally), square and plumb (vertically level), takes time and this is our focus as we install. We are constantly monitoring that the the run of furniture is completely aligned. Making small adjustments to line up the run of furniture is much easier to do before the worktop goes on.

Step 2
Templating the worktop is the next stage. This is where a mock-up of the kitchen worktop is created to record the exact measurements and pattern for the worktop. The worktop is then cut to match the dimensions of the template, before being returned to site for installation. This can take a week from templating to install.

Step 3
Wall units are fitted after templating. This allows enough time in the schedule for the worktop to be templated, made to measure and delivered on site. Then, final trimming of decorative panels, cornice and pelmets are completed, and decorative panels are scribed to the contours of the wall. This is important for a secure fit.

If you have selected a hand painted finish on your kitchen, this is also done on site. The hand painted finish can take one week to complete and dry.

Once the worktop is on, and all the furniture is in place, we arrange for the second fix electrics and plumbing. This is where your sink and taps are installed too.

Final touches

Whilst we’re in this final stage, we take the time to commission all the new appliances. This includes; removal of all internal protective transit packaging, turning on each appliance and implementing any manufacturer’s first use instructions. For example, normally an oven needs to be turned on for several hours at a high heat before using. We do this at no extra charge to our customers but to ensure everything is set up correctly and is ready to use.

Once everything is in and set up, the painting and flooring is completed, there is just one final item on the to-do list! Our last job on site is our final check and clean. Yep we clean for you! Who wants to get their new kitchen and then have to spend time pulling off transit labels and cleaning? We check and clean every cabinet and surface, leaving no trace of a building site.

Ready, steady, cook!

Welcome to your new bespoke kitchen! You’re going to love cooking and living in a space where everything has been designed and installed to your every specification.

We take great pride in our design, installation and project management. If you are interested in embarking on a bespoke kitchen project, you’re in just the right place! Check out our Projects page for some inspiration. Drop us a line at info@kitchensbespoke.co.uk, give us a call on 01342 313133 or pop into our showroom in East Grinstead.

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