How to optimise space in your kitchen

small kitchen design tips

How to optimise space in your kitchen

Having a small kitchen doesn’t have to mean struggling with an impractical or cramped one. You can still create a sense of space and make it work really hard to accommodate everything elegantly. Helpfully, there are lots of design solutions to help you optimise the space in your kitchen. You just need to be clever with seating, storage, appliances and colour schemes. Getting these elements right will completely transform a small kitchen.

Optimise space in your kitchen, what does that mean?

This simply means you make the absolute most of the space you have. Make a list of everything you really need in your kitchen. Think about whether you need a dining area for example? Or do you need much more worktop space? Book your design consultation with these requirements at the ready. We can then talk you through all the design options that will deliver a kitchen that really makes use of the whole space.

Our favourite space savers

Bench seating

Integrated kitchen island and bench seating

This is such a great solution to facilitate a kitchen diner in a smaller space. You can use separate benches that just tuck under your table when out of use, or have something bespoke integrated into the kitchen design. We love this as a solution, you can get exactly the size and shape you want, and build in plenty of storage.

One of our favourite kitchens featuring bench seating had an integrated kitchen island & dining area (pictured above). This created a really practical central hub in the kitchen. The design enabled the family to accommodate both an island and dining table in the space.

Floor to ceiling storage

optimise space in your kitchen - kitchens bespoke

This has two benefits. Not only does it provide you with the maximum amount of storage, it can also make a room feel larger, drawing the eye up the wall and making your ceiling feel higher.

Clutter can be what makes a space feel small and not fit for purpose. By ensuring you incorporate enough storage, even for your small appliances like kettles and toasters, it will make a big difference to your sense of space, and really optimise your worktop area.

This ultra modern annexe kitchen makes great use of floor to ceiling storage, colour scheme and contemporary design to deliver on style and space.

Concealed extraction

A great option for optimising space is to choose a concealed and integrated extraction system to negate the need for a cooker hood in a small space or over an island. We really rate Falmec for extraction systems and their Sintesi integrated hob & extractor is a really stylish and efficient solution.

Contemporary design

Contemporary galley kitchen - kitchens bespokeKeeping your kitchen contemporary, simple and handleless in its design will optimise the sense of space. Without features such as handles, pelmets and mantles, the kitchen will have clean, flawless lines that naturally declutter and make a smaller area feel more spacious.

Check out this galley kitchen in Sussex for a compact kitchen that feels light and spacious due to its simple contemporary design.

Light colours

Pick your colour scheme carefully to optimise the space in your kitchen. Picking a lighter colour scheme will definitely increase the sense of space but you are not restricted to white. In fact, you can still have fun with a more dramatic or deep colour on your low units but to retain the spacious feel, choose light coloured worktops, and light-coloured high units, like the scheme used in this annexe kitchen. Whatever your colour scheme, choosing light worktops will really help reflect light around the kitchen.

If you’re ready to really optimise the space in your kitchen, book in for a free design consultation at info@kitchensbespoke.co.uk or call us on 01342 313 133.

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