Handleless Kitchens Explained

grey handleless kitchen

Handleless Kitchens Explained

We are seeing a real rise in popularity for handleless kitchens. Particularly with customers looking for a more contemporary style. Handleless kitchens create that uncluttered, sleek and minimalist look that is so desirable in modern design.

What are the options?

There are really two options when choosing a handleless style. Which option you choose depends on, the overall aesthetic and the mechanism that you prefer.

J Profile handleless kitchens

With a J profile style, the actual door is discreetly shaped with a groove on the top or side. This groove enables you to slot your fingers in. The groove is profiled into a ‘J’ shape and the overall look is very stylish.

You can see the J pull style handleless kitchen demonstrated in this recent project.

True handleless kitchens

With true handleless kitchens the doors on your furniture are not profiled but are complete slab doors that sit flat on the carcass. Behind the door is a space and a rail which enables you to put your fingers in behind, to grasp the edge of the door and open it.

One of the real benefits of true handleless is the number of options available in colour and finish on the rails. You can create a totally seamless look and match the rails to your furniture, or create a sharp and contemporary contrast to give your design a really contemporary edge.

This project is a great example of contrasting rails to the furniture.

Modern family home, Surrey

Anything else to consider?

An obvious benefit is easier cleaning in a handleless kitchen. Even with the J profile doors, it is much simpler and quicker to run a cloth along the groove, than cleaning individual handles. That is a major tick for us!

Last but by no means least if you have ruined an item of clothing this way…this kitchen design style protects you from snagging your clothes or catching your hip on protruding handles!

If you’re considering handleless, we’d really recommend you pop into the showroom and look at our displays of both styles. Open all the doors and units to see which mechanism and style you like and can imagine using in your home. Pop in or make an appointment at info@kitchensbespoke.co.uk.

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