G-shape kitchens explained

Lay on shaker kitchen design

G-shape kitchens explained

There is a core set of kitchen layouts that can be applied to most spaces. It’s likely that you’ve already heard of these standard layouts and have one in your home currently! These are tried and tested, practical layouts that deliver ample workspace, room for appliances and plenty of storage.

The G-shape kitchen

kitchen triangle explainedmodern handleless kitchenWe’ve seen in the industry press recently a buzz about G-shape kitchen layouts being a super practical and stylish option for modern living, and we couldn’t agree more.

Not familiar with this one? You will have definitely come across it already. The G-shape is actually a classic U-shape kitchen, but with the addition of a peninsula, creating the ‘G’.

It is ideal for anyone who wants an island but doesn’t have enough space for one and really wants to maximise their worktop area and storage. It is also a great option for creating a distinct kitchen zone within an open-plan space.

For those wanting to create a sociable environment, the peninsula section works really well as a breakfast bar creating an informal seating area for friends and family.

Other classic kitchen shapes

Galley layout

Contemporary galley kitchen - kitchens bespokeAnnexe kitchen in mountain heather

The Galley layout is normally used for smaller kitchens.

Two runs of units face each other to create a galley between. Galley kitchens typically don’t have room for seating but may open out into a larger space that does have a table. Or you might have room for breakfast bar stools at the end of one of your units.

You want to optimise space here, so pared-back and uncluttered styles work best. Light worktops will also help make your kitchen feel more spacious.


L-shape kitchen with island Light grey in frame shaker kitchenL-shape and L-shape with island

This is a flexible layout that can work in both small and large kitchens, adapting well to either.

In a modest-sized L-shaped kitchen without an island, planning worktop space and storage is key to make sure it is a practical space to work in. Make use of shelves if you don’t want full-height or wall units dominating the space, or plan for one length of the L to be used for full-height units; this will ensure you have plenty of storage.

U-shape and U-shape with island

Classic lay-on shaker kitchen design by Kitchens BespokeClassic Shaker Kitchen Surrey

This is probably the most popular layout and works really well in almost every home.

It works especially well with an island if you have the space for one.

This layout will give you lots of storage and worktop space, and if your island doubles up as a breakfast bar, it will be a very sociable kitchen, too, ideal for busy family life.

Single wall with island

modern farmhouse kitchen design contemporary kitchen with islandIf you have the space, a single run of units down one wall, in parallel with an island, is a hugely popular layout.

Often in these layouts, the island is long, with capacity for appliances and/or a sink, informal seating and plenty of space for food prep.

It is a practical set-up with ample room for everything, and the parallel lines create a strong design aesthetic. There’s a great flow to this layout and with a big island to hang out at, it’s a great kitchen layout if you love to entertain.

Feeling curious about which kitchen layout will suit your space and excited about what could be achieved? Bring all your ideas to a free design consultation. Book your appointment by emailing info@kitchensbespoke.co.uk or by calling 01342 313 133. 

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