What we’re loving this month…

White gloss contemporary german kitchen design with wood breakfast bar & black handles

What we’re loving this month…

Our February hot list – What we’re loving this month…

We don’t need chocolates and a meal out to feel warm and fuzzy this month! We’re feeling totally inspired by some of the great projects coming up and products we’re using. Check out the February hot list… 

Quooker taps

If you are not yet a convert to the combination tap, you soon will be. In our opinion, the Quooker is the best in the market in terms of safety, design and efficiency. Your tap will give you 100°C boiling, hot, cold and now also cold filtered drinking water. Even better, you can have them plated in any colour. We’ve ordered one in rose gold for the showroom which we can’t wait to have on display!

If you think a Quooker looks too contemporary for your style of kitchen, there is a new Classic Fusion range, which has a really timeless look to it, perfect for a more rustic or traditional style.

Caple integrated wine cabinets

Who doesn’t love a wine fridge anyway but Caple will integrate your new wine cooler with your chosen cabinetry. So simple but so brilliant and creates a really seamless look. You’ll get the cabinet frame matching your other units, but still see all your lovely bottles of wine displayed. Best of both worlds!

Quartz Forms

Quartz Forms are a German brand specialising in quartz worktops. We’ve always loved the great quality of the product, but then they launched the Planet Collection and we’re in love. Neptune is the current favourite…

Working from home

Not us, you! Our passion for the home is extending beyond kitchens, bootrooms, bedrooms and utility rooms. We’re now also able to create you a beautiful workspace at home. We’re actually creating a home office corner in the showroom over the next few months so do pop in to have a nose. Just think, the next grey miserable Monday morning, you could be drinking your coffee and cracking on with the day, all from the comfort of your own perfectly planned work space.

The time is now

We’re loving the mindset our customers are in right now. Everyone we’re working with is so excited about planning their new kitchen and investing in their home. Not sure if it’s the doom and gloom about our economy/politics/weather, but it seems to have made people really assess and prioritise family time. There is a real momentum to make home a sanctuary from all the external ‘noise’. Well we’re very happy to be of service in your mission to transform your space.  


We had a complaint this week. It’s true.

Rachael, I have a complaint about the kitchen you installed before Christmas.’

We never use any other room in the house now! The whole family, including the teenagers are basically living in kitchen!’

Yes, sorry about that. We try really hard to make the kitchen the heart of the home, we hold our hands up!

What are you loving this month, What’s on your February hot list? Talk to us about it and we’ll plan it into your new kitchen!  Book in for a free design consultation by dropping us a note at info@kitchensbespoke.co.uk, calling 01342 313133 or simply pop into see us in the showroom in East Grinstead. If you’re looking for some inspiration, try our Projects page to get the ideas flowing. 

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