Entertain in style with Zuma light and sound

Zuma light and sound system

Entertain in style with Zuma light and sound

When we come across new tech and design concepts that we love and that elevate our own approach to designing kitchens, bedrooms and home offices, we like to shout about it. Our current obsession is with Zuma. We’re big fans, and if you’re not familiar with it yet, you’re about to become a fan too!

What is it?

Zuma Main Round

The Zuma concept is so simple you’ll kick yourself for not coming up with it. Zuma is an award-winning high-quality audio speaker and LED downlighter in one and, of course, is complete with smart technology.

Set the tone

A common request in our design consultations is to help our customers create the perfect kitchen for entertaining. An important element of having a kitchen that everyone wants to hang out in is the atmosphere and ambience you create.

Control the ambience and sound from an app or via voice control to take your kitchen from morning to night to late night. Switch between your task and ambient lighting, and explore pre-programmed settings designed to boost well-being and relaxation.

Your favourite podcasts, playlists and channels are just as easy to flit between, ensuring whatever your mood, your kitchen is ready to match it!

De-clutter your kitchen

We are always looking at ways to help customers declutter their kitchens. Kitchens without clutter are easier to keep clean and tidy and free up workspace on countertops, islands and peninsulas.

Banish the cables and worktop clutter with these minimalist ceiling downlighters and speakers; no more cables, no additional holes in your ceiling, and no excess devices or speakers on the worktop.

Zuma light & sound system - ceiling fitting options

See and hear Zuma in action

We have Zuma installed in the showroom and are truly converted. We love the simplicity of it, how intuitive it is to use and the sound quality. Pop in for a demo; let us know you’re coming by calling 01342 313 133 or dropping us a note at info@kitchensbespoke.co.uk.

Find out more about Zuma and watch this short video to get a real feel for the product and technology.

Feeling inspired to start planning your new kitchen?

Visit our projects page for real kitchen inspiration.

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