Eight new colours from Corian Design

Corian sand storm worktop

Eight new colours from Corian Design

One of our favourite worktop manufacturers, Corian Design, have launched eight new colours for the Corian® Solid Surface range for interior spaces and architecture.

Corian® worktops are fantastic surfaces, durable, hygienic and ideal for a totally seamless look across the kitchen with no visible joins.

Two of the colours are part of the new Carrara aesthetic (Carrara Crema and Carrara Lino), and four belong to the new Artista aesthetic (Artista Beige, Artista Dust, Artista Gray, Artista Canvas). Sparkling Granita and Sand Storm complete the set of eight.

Sustainability has been considered here too with the four colours of the Artista aesthetic including recycled content. This now means that the full colour palette for Europe includes 17 colours with recycled content.

Of the eight new Corian® Solid Surface, six are recommended for use in kitchen designs:

Artista Canvas

A comforting, warm ivory surface offers a haven for swirling veins set amongst scattered, light-coloured particles.

Artista Grey

Enduring grey is freshened with the intricate vein pattern within the surface. Dark veins flow through mid-value grey for innovative appeal.

Carrara Crema

A warm beige background is enhanced with enticing monochromatic veins that conjures up classic stone in colours that comfort.

Carrara Lino

Beautiful grey veins course through the cool white surface to create a perfect interpretation of classically inspired stone.

Sand Storm

Swirling with movement, white and tan elements mingle for an aesthetic subtle in colour but dynamic in design.

Sparkling Granita

Translucent and sparkling particles create an effervescent effect in this fresh white surface to convey energy and visual depth.

For more imagery and info, head to the Corian Design website or pop into our showroom where we have Corian in display and all the samples to browse. 

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