Designing your kitchen: The details matter

Grey in-frame shaker kitchen

Designing your kitchen: The details matter

One of the real pleasures of having a bespoke kitchen is having the opportunity to look at every detail. Choosing colours, finishes, materials and accessories that most speak to you and your sense of style is what makes designing your kitchen so rewarding. We can guide you on elements we know work really well together, but really it is about putting the details together that you love and that will make your new kitchen feel like home immediately. 

We’ve pulled out our top three details for adding a certain something to your kitchen design.


In addition to your task lighting, we always recommend adding statement and ambient options. A fabulous pendant or set of pendant lights over an island or dining table is a great way to make a personal style statement and something that is simple to change if your tastes evolve. 

Running strip LEDs under the plinth, counter or open shelves create a lovely glow in a kitchen. Go a step further and backlight your glass-fronted cabinets; this looks particularly lovely in glassware cabinets.  

under counter lighting

Handles and rails

Handles if you’re having them, or contrasting back rails in your handleless kitchen are so effective in contributing to the style and textures in the space. 

knurled handles

The great news is that there is an almost infinite number of handle designs in a great range of materials. Whatever your colour scheme or the style of your kitchen, there will be a classic, industrial, contemporary or intricate handle design that will complement the kitchen perfectly. You can be bold with your choices too, pick a colour or metal to really contrast with your door colour. Or use more than one style of handle across the kitchen; knob handles on wall units teamed with bar or pull handles on low units look really stylish. 

For handleless kitchens, we love a contrasting rail and door on a true handleless kitchen design. It draws attention to the sleek lines of a contemporary kitchen, adding tone and interest to the scheme. The wooden rails in this kitchen break up the bold blue and naturally complement the breakfast bar which is in the same material. 

blue kitchen inspiration

Tongue and groove panelling 

We’ve waxed lyrical about this type of panelling before, but it’s worth it! Used at the end of a run or under the peninsula, or one end of the island. It is a classic feature to add to a shaker kitchen. A slimmer more contemporary panelling style is coming to modern kitchen design too in the Rotpunkt range; we can’t wait to use it.

Tongue & groove panelling

Have fun with your choices, and have confidence that some elements are really quite simple to update and change if your tastes change. Splashbacks, bar stools, taps, handles, painted walls for example can all be refreshed a few years down the line and give your kitchen a whole new look. 

Ready to obsess over the details? It’s the best bit! Shall we get to work designing your kitchen? Get a design consultation booked in for January and let’s hit the ground running in 2022 on your new kitchen design. Call 01342 313 133 or drop us a line at info@kitchensbespoke.co.uk

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