Choosing the right splashback style for your kitchen

choosing a kitchen splashback

Choosing the right splashback style for your kitchen

Rooted in practicality, splashbacks are now a stylistic feature too and often form a statement piece in the kitchen. So how do you go about choosing a kitchen splashback? There are lots of options of course, but the most popular styles we work with are tile and glass. They are simple to install, look great and you have a huge range of colours to choose from. 

Tiled splashbacks

Start with deciding on ceramic or porcelain. Ceramic tiles are less expensive but less durable. Porcelain tiles are also less porous, so they would be our recommendation if you’re tiling behind the sink. 

Once you know if you’re having ceramic or porcelain, the decision making really begins! Tile design and style is almost infinite in its range. This means that whatever colour, pattern or size you’re after, you’re almost bound to be able to find it.

If you want a simple backdrop, Metro tiles are still really popular and for good reason. They work in contemporary and more classic settings. They are simple but elegant. Lay them horizontally, vertically or in a herringbone style and they just look great If you have a small kitchen, try laying the tiles in diagonal patterns, rather than horizontally or vertically. This can make a space feel larger. 

If you want more of a statement, we love a big patterned tile, especially at the back of your hob or range (as pictured above). They make such a style statement and enable you to incorporate a pop of colour without fear of it being too dominating. 

Glass splashbacks

We’ve fitted more glass splashbacks this year than almost any other material and it’s no surprise. It such a flexible product. You can have it any colour to match or contrast with a colour scheme, matte or gloss finish and cut to any size. Not forgetting of course how easy glass is to wipe down and keep clean. 

Buying sheets of glass also cuts down on joins and grouting between panels which reduces the nooks and crannies where bacteria can accumulate.

We’ve installed some really fabulous coloured glass splashbacks this year, including mustard yellow, light blue and a rich aubergine colour.

For 2020, we’re going to be working with a new supplier for our glass splashbacks and are now able to offer backlit glass splashbacks and even gold gilded ones. I think we just fell in love with glass splashbacks all over again. 

Exceptions to the rules…

We all know that light colours or reflective surfaces are going to bounce light around a room and therefore make it feel a brighter space. However, be brave and go bold and dark if you want to create a sense of depth and something more atmospheric. 

If you like the texture of tiles but don’t want lots of grout lines, it is possible to source large panels of porcelain tile. We have a long panel of Neolith tile splashback on display in the showroom and it looks fabulous.

Planning a new kitchen and want a statement splashback? Choosing a kitchen splashback doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Pop into the showroom to see our samples and get some ideas. Book an appointment at info@kitchensbespoke.co.uk. Do check out our Projects page too for further inspiration.

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