Choosing an under-mounted or inset sink

Under-mounted sink with Quooker tap

Choosing an under-mounted or inset sink

There are pros and cons to both inset and under-mounted sinks with both practicality and aesthetics to take into consideration.

Inset sinks

Inset sinks are set into the worktop, you will be able to see the edge of the sink unit on top of the worktop.

 Carron Phoenix stainless steel & black glass sink

These sinks are a popular choice and can be a slightly more budget-friendly option than under-mounted sinks. This is largely due to the setting. Sinks can be heavy bits of equipment, and inset sinks are well supported by the worktop they are sat on without the need for additional support.

The inset position is also a more versatile option. We find that inset sinks are generally easier to replace than under-mounted sinks. The sink should be simple to remove and as long as you choose a similar style for your new sink, it should fit in the existing hole with no issues.

Best of all, have fun with your inset sink choice and make it part of your kitchen aesthetic. Just like the kitchen above where the clients chose a statement black glass sink to complement their contemporary kitchen.

Under-mounted sinks

Under-mounted sinks are mounted under the worktop. You won’t see the edge of the sink over the worktop.

If you are looking to create a more minimalist kitchen style, an under-mounted sink is a great option because your sink is more concealed. In the kitchen below, we’ve installed a pale patterned worktop and ceramic sink which creates a totally seamless look, making the sink almost invisible. (View project).

Under-mounted sink

Another reason to love under-mounted sinks is the easy cleaning around the sink; you can just wipe crumbs and excess water from your washing up straight over the edge into the sink with nothing getting stuck under the rim of the sink unit. In addition, without a large rim or drainer, you gain more worktop space around your sink.

So what are the other considerations? It is best to install under-mounted sinks with a stone or composite worktop. It is possible to have wooden worktops, but it is hard to seal the worktop edge to properly protect it from watermarks. You cannot have laminate worktops with under-mounted sinks,

In contrast to the inset sink, without the support of the worktop, additional support is required to secure heavy sinks such as ceramic ones in place. which can make under-mounted sinks slightly more expensive.

Our favourite sink brands right now

We all have favourites, and both of our designers, Debbi and Rachael agreed their top 3 sink brands at the moment are Franke, Abode and The 1810 Company. These three brands offer great quality and style plus a broad range of price points and finishes. The 1810 Company offers great accessories too, so you can really customise your sink set up.

One last thingCorian sink with stainless steel base

We haven’t gone into sink materials here, we’ll save that for another blog! But if you’re having a boiling water tap such as a Quooker and want a ceramic sink, regardless of inset or under-mounted, we would always recommend a stainless steel base. We have one on display so do come in if you want to take a closer look.

Still not sure which one is for you? Pop into our showroom in East Grinstead to view our display kitchens. We’re open Monday-Saturday, just pop in or make an appointment at info@kitchensbespoke.co.uk or by calling 01342 313 133. 

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