Being brave with colour in your kitchen design

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Being brave with colour in your kitchen design

You can be brave with colour without worrying too much about fads and trends. You can make bold choices or choose a combination of colours and textures, and still have something that has a timeless quality to it.

Going for it

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Going for a bold colour on your units makes a real statement. This is the simplest approach if you’re feeling brave but if you’re not sure which direction to take with your statement colour, simply pick a colour that resonates with you. Colours that you like wearing, or feature in your favourite prints, or on your dinnerware? What colours do you naturally navigate towards? If you cannot bear the thought of wearing yellow or painting your walls yellow, it is not the colour to incorporate in your new kitchen! It has to be colour you can live with.

Less dominating

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If a bold colour choice across the whole kitchen feels like a step too far, think about a two-tone scheme. You could pick a bold colour and light colour that complement each other, like dark grey and pale grey for example, and have your low units in one colour and your high units in the other. Or use a kitchen island to carry the contrasting colour, this works really well, especially if the bolder, more statement colour is used on the island.

Another option with a two-tone scheme is to team up the colour with some texture. You might have a bold colour on some units teamed with a wood or concrete effect on others. Textures in a neutral colour work really well in a two-tone kitchen design.

Less permanent

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If it feels like too permanent a decision to have your kitchen in a bold colour but you do want the impact that a bolder colour brings, pick a wall or two to paint in your favourite colour. Painted walls can be changed more easily and cost-effectively than kitchens!

Dip your toe in

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If walls or furniture in your bold colour is still giving you the fear factor. Go for a pop of colour by choosing elements in your kitchen to carry the colour, such as splashback tiles or glass. Or chose a funky colour for your barstools, small worktop appliances or your tableware on display. All of these things can be changed with far less hassle and cost than replacing a kitchen if you fall out of love with your chosen hue.

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