Becoming a Miele Steam Oven Convert

miele steam ovens

Becoming a Miele Steam Oven Convert

Are you a steam oven convert yet? We spent the day with Miele and we most definitely are!  If you’re not yet acquainted with Miele steam ovens, but love experimenting with recipes and technology in the kitchen, pull up a chair.

Sometimes working in this industry throws up some real treats. Being invited to one of Miele’s Experience Centres for a training day and a cracking meal, was one of them.

Health conscious

We knew that steam cooking was generally considered a healthier approach but have to admit, we were a bit naive to the how’s and why’s! We discovered that boiling food actually enables the precious nutrients to leach out into the water. The steam method prevents this, retaining all the goodness and flavour. According to Miele, steamed broccoli retains 50% more vitamin C than boiled broccoli. Steamed red peppers contain as many nutrients as raw red peppers. Compare this to boiled red peppers which have 45% less nutrients than raw red peppers. Food for thought if you’ll pardon the pun!

Cooking made easy

Because it’s Miele and they think of literally everything (honestly, our combination Miele steam oven in the showroom has a button just for popcorn!), you have a wealth of pre-set steam cooking options to prepare your meal perfectly. Whether you chop your carrots into rough chunks or elegant batons, you can select your carrot type on the oven settings, and choose what level of cooking you want. If you like al dente vegetables, you no longer need to stand over the hob, prodding a fork into your carrots periodically. Pop them in, marvel at your beautiful carrot batons, select batons from the carrot menu (no, really!) and then select al dente, and you have time on your hands to reward yourself with a glass of wine for all the button pressing.

During the cooking process, Oxygen is quickly displaced so only damp heat remains in the oven.  Resulting in food that is cooked gently and retains all its colour, flavour and nutrients.

We love this ‘cooking with guaranteed success’ ethos, it has given us real confidence to try out more recipes.  


We really hadn’t appreciated what a versatile appliance Miele steam ovens are. In addition to simply cooking a meal, you can use them like a slow cooker, to defrost, make soup, use them for a perfect poached egg and even sterilise baby bottles in them. This versatility isn’t at the cost of elegance and style either. Miele steam ovens use CleanSteel, a special finish specially formulated for their appliances which are resistant to fingerprints and greasy marks.  Simply wipe the oven clean with a microfibre cloth or off the shelf detergent. No need for specialist equipment or cleaners!

For the lovers of great food

As a society, we place more and more value on where food comes from, its quality and freshness. A steam oven ensures that the quality and freshness that we have sought in our food, remains at its best. Miele steam ovens are a must-have for the foodies, the experimentalists and the dinner party hosts. If we’ve piqued your curiosity, we have a great combination oven on display in the showroom. Make an appointment and we’ll happily organise a demo or visit Miele to see the range and options available. 

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