Autumn edit: Kitchen Design Trends

kitchen design trends - knurled handles

Autumn edit: Kitchen Design Trends

When we’re reaching for the knitwear and the hockey season is underway, we know it’s time to embrace the change in season! So we’re reviewing the new and the already thriving kitchen design trends we’re enjoying this Autumn.

The start of a new season is always a good time to take some inspiration from new trends, colour palettes, and products. Whilst we love reviewing trends and shiny new things, remember that a new kitchen is the heart of the home for some time. It should be styled in a way that you love it for years to come! Take inspiration from new trends and new styles but we always recommend investing in classic style and quality kitchen design.  That never goes out of fashion!

Pick n’ mix

We’re certain that we’re going to see more and more mixed materials being requested in our designs this Autumn. It is not a new trend for us but certainly growing in popularity, particularly when it comes to worktops. A mixture of Quartz and wood, or quartz and laminate create a really striking contrast of textures and style in your kitchen.

Does this come in blue?

This is not a new kitchen design trend, or a surprising one but it has to make the list. We see no sign of people falling out of love with a new blue kitchen! We can’t blame them, blue has so many tones and looks fabulous in every setting. This makes it impossible not to love it as a colour scheme. The preference at the moment is for the deep inky blues and we are just as besotted as our customers.

We have a wealth of blue kitchens on our projects page, so have a browse if you’re hankering for some blue kitchen inspiration.

Not ready for blue

Greys and charcoals continue to be timeless, classic colour scheme choices. If a classic look is one of your priorities, a colour scheme built on grey and charcoal is a great starting point. The additional benefit is that almost any material or texture works with this palette so you can go bolder with your taps, handles and soft furnishings. All things that can be changed periodically to keep your kitchen looking up to date for years to come.

If you want to make a bold statement, the purples and heathery tones are looking so good right now. Our kitchen island in the showroom is in heather and it never fails to be a talking point.

A warm welcome

Looking to create a sense of warmth and some more tactile qualities in your kitchen design? Think real wood, perhaps a walnut butchers block? Brass looks fabulous for your handles and taps and provides a great contrast to a quartz worktop. Mood lighting isn’t limited to pendants and dimmer switches. Think about lighting integrated into your cabinetry and plinths to create just the right ambience. A soft glow emanating across your floor as the evenings get darker will really create a warm glow in your kitchen.

If you knurl, you knurl

Often it is the finishing touches to a kitchen that really bring the design and colour scheme to life. This is absolutely the case with your choice of handles. As with every design accessory, there is almost too much choice but the style that has caught ours and our customers attention the most? Crofts & Assinder’s knurled Henley range (pictured above) has a distinct ‘chic industrial’ style and comes in Chrome, Brushed Satin Brass, Black Nickel or Rose Gold. These handles are timeless and we can only see demand for them increasing this Autumn.


Kitchens are more than a food prep area. They facilitate homework, entertaining, working from home, all on top of cooking and serving food. So it is no surprise, we all want to maximise our space in there. We’re after neat and convenient ways to declutter and free up as much workspace as possible. There is a definite shift to a more pared back feel, created through clever storage. We all need to access the same items, appliances and sockets but we don’t have to share valuable worktop space with them! Think about what you need to use your kitchen space for, on top of the cooking and food prep, and we’ll make sure your kitchen can multi-task along with you!

Feeling inspired to start planning your new kitchen? Book your appointment at info@kitchensbespoke.co.uk, give us a call on 01342 313133, or pop into the showroom. We can’t wait to get planning with you!

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